The Pterodactyl Boss is a boss that appears in Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Pterodactyl Boss, unlike the regular Pterodactyl, is armed with weapons, presumably being altered by Mental. Its head is also different than the regular variant's. It has a rocket launcher on its back, and a 'neck collar' that has several ball shaped drones on it. It also has a much larger health than the normal variant.

The Pterodactyl Boss first appears in Rodan Riot, where it fights Sam Stone. He manages to defeat the creature in a short fight. It later appears as a vehicle in the following level Dinofighter.

Attacks and stats[edit | edit source]

The Pterodactyl Boss has two attacks, its first attack is to fire four rockets at the target. The rockets are normally fired at the location the target is at, though it can also fire them at random locations to trap its target. After nearly half of its health is depleted, the boss then starts launching the drones from its neck. These drones fire projectiles, and can also absorb projectiles meant for the boss.

When using it as a vehicle, the boss can't use its drones.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • When the boss fires a rocket, start moving to another direction before they hit the player. Red circles will appear on the ground to signify the location the projectiles are going to be fired at, which can help the player to find the location they are fired and not accidentaly walk to them. The projectiles the drones fire can be simply dodged by moving to the opposite direction.
  • The boss has a large amount of health. As such, strong weapons such as the MadDog Grenade Launcher and LM32 Rocket Launcher are recommended to use against it along with a few extra weapons such as the Thompson submachine gun. Upgrades for weapons are recommended as well, as they can help the weapons decrease its health quickly.
  • When using it as a vehicle, be sure to dodge enemy projectiles my moving up and down, or by moving to the opposite direction.
  • Its rockets are useful for destroying groups of multiple weak enemies, such as Beheaded Rocketeers. Firing multiple projectiles to a single weak enemy is not recommended, but for stronger ones, such as the Major Bio-mechanoid.

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