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"Yup, the Processed. Humans turned into cannon fodder for Mental's horde. Cute, aren't they?"
Sam to Kenny.[src]

The Processed Anthropolyp, commonly known simply as the Processed, is an enemy featured in Serious Sam 4. They are one of the most common enemies in the game, and often appear in large groups.


The Processed are human beings that have been subjected to heavy experimentation inside Octanian Harvester Leviathan (colloquially known as "motherships") after being captured by Harvester Drones and converted into alien fighting machines for Mental's army. After a human has been captured and taken to the mothership, their brain is removed and replaced by a colony of polyps that control the host's nervous system and motor functions, removing all emotion and human traits. Metallic claws are attached to both arms, amplifying the creature's close-combat abilities. Despite their humanoid appearance, the process of conversion is irreversible, making it impossible to revert them back to humans.

The Processed are very common units in Mental's army, where they often serve as foot soldiers or cannon fodder, a role shared with other weak enemies like Beheaded Rocketeers. They are usually deployed in large numbers to harass the target and distract them, which can lead to them becoming easily overwhelmed by them and other enemies if the Processed are not quickly eliminated.

Along with Zubenhakrabian Spider Nymphs, the Processed are one of the most commonly encountered enemies in the game. They first appear in small groups in Death from Above, and then in medium groups and big hordes in almost every level onwards. They are usually encountered with other weak enemies to provide support.

Behavior and skills[]

When the Processed spots the player, it will begin charging towards them and attack with their metal spokes, which does moderate damage. At closer range, they will slash the target, which deals less damage than their charge attack. Their health is similar to that of a beheaded enemy or Cloned Soldier. They can be killed instantly by shooting them in the head or by pressing the Use key at close-range. Upon pressing the Use key, Sam will take out his knife and stab it in the head, which instantly kills the enemy.

Being melee units, Processed have a tendency to swarm the target, which can easily leave the player overwhelmed and end up getting themselves cornered in close-quarters.


  • Despite their frightening speed, Processed are very weak enemies. It only takes three shots to kill one with the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle or SOP38 Pistol on Normal difficulty, or one shot from either weapon if they are shot in the head.
  • Their charge attack can be dodged by sidestepping.
  • They are very fast, and can easily overwhelm the player when they become numerous.
  • The Combat Knife is an ideal weapon against a few Processed if the player is low on ammo.
  • While an individual or several Processed pose a minimal threat, groups of them can become a nuisance if the player is busy fighting other enemies.
  • For groups of Processed, strong or rapid-fire weapons such as the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun, Double Barrel Coach Gun, MK III Grenade Launcher or XM214-A Minigun are excellent weapons for flushing out groups of Processed.
  • The FRPCL can be used for hordes of Processed, but is not really recommended due to ammo scarcity.
  • On their own or in small groups, Processed are a low threat, but can become more dangerous on higher difficulties, especially with their charge attack. With larger groups of them, they should be considered a medium-priority threat.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Early concept designs show a bloated Processed-like enemy, indicating this was what they were going to look like at one point or there was going to be another variant of the Processed.




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