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"Woah, you could be your own planet. You'd have to hold your pants up with an asteroid belt."
Sam mocking Prince Chan[src]

Prince Chan is the boss of planet Chi-Fang, and the third boss of Serious Sam 2.


Chan is a very large, fat humanoid creature albeit looking like a sumo. He has a tattoo on his lower back and one on his right breast that looks like a blue lollipop with white swirls. He also has elf like ears, sharp teeth and clawed very short feet.

He is first introduced in a cutscene that involves him standing on a large stage surrounded by the denizens of the area. It appears that it is his birthday and likes to have attention on this day but since no one paid much attention, he has three citizens in a cauldron next to him. He picks up a female citizen out of the cauldron and eats her effectively, gaining the audience in his favor, but then Sam interrupts this scene and yet again another mini-fight cutscene occurs after the scene the prince flies away on a small orange balloon laughing at Sam. He is finally met at his palace in which a cutscene occurs with an argument involving a lollipop but after the cutscene the actual fight begins.


  • All you really have to do is hit the gong directly above Chan due to his sensitive hearing. This will damage him. Use guns as well.
  • He will die in a cutscene involving him glowing blue and cracks appear on his body, while the souls of victims he consumed orbit around him. He then explodes and the Medallion is gained.
  • Normal weapons are not very effective against Prince Chan due to his high HP.
  • Once he steps outside, you can use the SBC Cannon to damage him. Alternatively, you can use the XPML30 Rocket Launcher if you're out of cannon balls.

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