The Pistol is a highly customizable weapon that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. It is the default firearm the player starts with when they spawn.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The pistol is the first weapon the player obtains in the game. It functions just like handguns from other Serious Sam games; it has a decent rate of fire and infinite ammo (unless the player changes this option at the beginning of Mental's Forest) but low damage output. Thus, it is only useful against weak enemies or as a last resort. With mods, however, it becomes much more useful.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The pistol can receive many modifications:

  • Burstenize L1 - fires 4 shots at once, firerate increased by 1.35.
  • Enemy bounce - bullets bounce from enemies +2 times.
  • Enemy bounce L1 - pistol has 50% chance to ricochet, +2 enemy ricochet, +1 ammo cost.
  • Enemy piercing - bullets pierce one enemy with a chance to inflict x2 more damage.
  • Enemy piercing L1 - bullets pierce through one enemy but with +1 ammo cost.
  • Explosivegun - has a 7.5% chance to explode when the bullets make contact if the ammo count is higher than 75%.
  • Fire bullets - 50% of bullets setting enemies on fire which causes 80 damage over 4 seconds, +1 ammo count when fired. Can also ignite bombs or mines.
  • Freeze shot - the pistol has a 4% chance to fire freezing bullets that impede enemy movement.
  • Freeze shot L1 - the pistol has a 25% chance to fire freezing bullets.
  • Heavy bullets - causes knockback effect on enemies but bellets are fired 20% slower.
  • Homing bullets - homing bullets will home in on a target when fired.
  • Homing bullets L1 - fires homing bullets but bullets are fired 20% slower.
  • Machinegun L1 - increases firerate by 0.25, increases imprecision by 2.
  • Minigun - increases firerate by 50% but lowers accuracy.
  • Shotgun L1 - +1 bullet spread, 50% lower range, +1 ammo cost, bullets fire 20% faster.
  • Sniper - gives x2 bullet range, bullets fire 20% faster. bullets have a 2% chance to deal 100 damage, and 2x higher precision.
  • Wall ricochet L1 - bullets ricochet from walls, ricocheted bullets have 6+ range.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The pistol is useful for clearing out weak enemies, but not great against tough enemies like Cerebulls, Gunrillas or Spiders.
  • If the player has to use the pistol, be sure to only use it if no other weapons or ammo is available.
  • With upgrades, this increases the pistol's potential during the later levels.

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