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"Brand says Sam isn't a scalpel, but a hammer. I think Sam's more like a nuclear warhead strapped to a pogo stick."

Penelope Quinn, or just simply Quinn, was a member of the Earth Defense Force who served in the EDF Signal Corps. She was also a member of the Alien Artifact Acquisition. She first appears as the deuteragonist of Serious Sam 3: BFE and then a supporting character in Serious Sam 4.


Quinn was born in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her later years, when Mental began attacking Earth, she was in the process of preparing to move from Earth to a human colony in Alpha Centauri, where she hoped to become a professional vidcaster. With the Mental War tearing apart the interstellar communications infrastructure, she decided it was best to put her technical knowledge to use in the struggle to protect Earth, and joined the Earth Defense Force Signal Corps.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Quinn is not seen in Serious Sam 3, only heard on Sam's earpiece. Throughout the game, Quinn speaks to Sam to give him instructions and reminders, as well as strategies to overcome or solve puzzles, which was part of his objective to activate the Time-Lock. One instance of this was when Quinn tries to help Sam enter the Sphinx and gain access to the secret chamber that was inside the Great Pyramid.

However, Sam would often ignore her orders and went ahead with blowing up the Sphinx by detonating it with explosives, rather than waiting for the science team to figure out the Spinx's riddle, much to Quinn's exasperation. Despite this, it turns out that the entrance to the secret chamber was hidden in the Sphinx all along.

Quinn, like many of the other members of the Earth Defense Force, is killed in a sneak attack by Mental's forces. This is confirmed by Hellfire after she tells Sam that their base had been hit.

Serious Sam 4[]

Quinn in the briefing room.

Quinn is first heard speaking to Sam about the status of the EDF convoy on their way to the Vatican in Rome. He tells her about the situation and hangs up. Later on, she meets up with Sam and the rest of the team telling her they have been unable to contact Carter and Father Mikhail since they headed into Rome, so she sends him and Rodriguez to rescue them.

She isn't seen for the remainder of the game, but she is heard again after Sam contacts her. Shocked to hear from him after thinking he was dead, Sam asks her for help, but she is still shocked to hear his voice. Sam tells her about the recent events that have transpired, including meeting a future version of himself, to which she is still left astounded. Even though she doesn't know what to say, she assists him by putting directions to Tunguska on Sam's snowmobile so he can get there and stop Brand. She then asks him for an update on his status once he arrives at the EDF outpost. Once at the outpost, she asks Sam to check out an EDF forward operating base, since Quinn has lost contact with them. Sam reaches the base, but he reports to her that all personnel there were killed. The two of them then have a short discussion regarding General Brand.

In the ending credits, Quinn can be seen offering beer to the team as they sit over a campfire discussing the events that took place after completing their mission.


Quinn was a Caucasian woman in her mid-thirties dressed in a business suit or an officer's uniform. She had a slender figure, dark brown hair tied up in a bun and had brown eyes. She was often seen holding an EDF clipboard.

Personality and skills[]

Quinn was generally a calm and laid-back person, but she also had a serious side to her. She would become stressed from her duties, as a lot of her collegues started becoming too dependent on her. Despite these drawbacks, she was skilled in her position and wouldn't hesistate to help out members of the EDF. She would even lend Sam a helping hand when he needed her assistance a couple of times.


Howard Brand[]

She respected Brand as a higher authority of military personnel, and would always comply with his orders, even if she knew it was dangerous. After he went rogue and wanted to use the Holy Grail for his own selfish purposes, he wouldn't listen to her, and Quinn realized what a terrible general he was.

Sam Stone[]

Quinn and Sam seemed to have a quarreling relationship, and she was sometimes forced to deal with his methods. She admired his passion and sense of humor, but would become annoyed with him if he did something extremely wreckless, such as when he blew up priceless artifacts such as the Great Sphinx with explosives. She was one of the few people who managed to tolerate him despite his unorthodox methods.


  • She was on permanent loan to the Alien Artifact Acquistion, as she was the only member of the EDF Signal Corps who could deal with Sam.
  • She performed yoga to reduce her stress.
  • In Serious Sam 4, the player can select to play as Quinn in both singleplayer and multiplayer from the character select screen in the settings menu.


Serious Sam 4[]

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