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PRIME-209 is a boss that appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour. It is fought along with the Tech-X, making them a singular boss.


The PRIME-209 is a large quadruped machine with a laser cannon and rocket launcher attached to its arms. There are two canisters located on the back of the mech, which can launch a huge electromagnetic pulse that can damage the opponent, disable their weapons and reduce movement speed.

Like the Tech-X, the PRIME is part of the Mech Replacement Program. PRIME-209 was first used down in the mines of the planet Orazio, where the radiation and magnetic fields were too powerful for standard machines. While very tolerable of energy and electric damage, a flaw in manufacturing made some parts of the mech corrode more quickly than others from various forms of acid - something that was never corrected, due to the fact that it would be very expensive, as well as that this unit was never designed to work in an acid-laced environment.

Some of these units were later refitted during the program. The mining equipment was replaced, and was fitted with a rocket launcher and a burst-fire laser cannon. Having been made to work near energy fields, it was the perfect weapon to use for offensive electronic warfare.


  • Make sure the EMP blasts don't hit you, because they will disable your weapons and slow you down, leaving you vulnerable to its attacks.
  • The Cannon, XPML21 Rocket Launcher and Erasergun are effective weapons against the PRIME.
  • The Shaft can drain the PRIME's health quickly, as it is metal-based, but it also uses up a lot of the weapon's ammunition.
  • Watch out for any stray rockets fired by the PRIME-209.

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Robots- A Tale of Two Robots Robots:A Tale of Two Robots
Defeat Prime-209 & Tech-X.

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