The Orc Captain is a large and tougher variant of Orc that is equipped with several weapons, such as a shotgun, laser cannon, rocket launcher, grenade launcher and flamethrower (the latter 3 weapons are used only on Hard and Serious difficulties).


Orc Captains are usually accompanied by a small force of Orc Troopers. A Captain's main job is to guard certain areas, and will sometimes carry a Keycard which is needed to access another part of the level. Killing him will reveal the keycard.

Attacks and statsEdit

The Orc Captain's attacks depends on the weapon he uses.

  • The shotgun has a relatively tight spread, making it powerful at low-medium range.
  • The Laser Cannon fires a burst of lasers which the Captain can fire at random directions in order to prevent the player from dodging the projectiles.
  • The rocket launcher fires 3 homing rockets.
  • The grenade launcher fires grenades that lock to the ground and explode after a few seconds.
  • The flamethrower fires a burst of flames that can deal a lot of damage and sets the player on fire for a few seconds, while is also unique than other weapons that it allows the Captain to move while firing.

After firing the mentioned weapons, the Orc Captain will follow the player and fire again when they get too close to him.


  • The Captain deals great damage with each weapon he carries. Move in circles around him and try to shoot at the same time.
  • An effective weapon to use against the Orc Captain is the Thompson submachine gun. Its high rate of fire and moderate damage output can deal rapid damage to the Captain and quickly eliminate any troops accompanying him.
  • The Captain has a high amount of health. As such, strong rapid-fire weapons, such as the XM214-A Minigun and XL2 Lasergun are recommended to use against him.
  • The Captain's shotgun has a wide spread and can deal a lot of damage at close range. Take note of this before taking on Captains with shotguns.
  • Multiple Orc Captains can be taken down with powerful weapons, such as the SBC Cannon, XPML21 Rocket Launcher, AS-24 Devastator and Erasergun. The cannon and Erasergun's projectiles can cut through multiple Captains, while the explosive weapons can kill each Captain quickly. The Lasergun is also effective if it has the Overcharged Laser upgrade, as it can drain a Captain's health quickly and damage nearby Captains.
  • Eliminate any reinforcements in the same area as the Captain before engaging him.
  • Avoid the Captain's lasers by strafing, as his laser cannon has a high rate of fire.


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