"Get im', boys!"
The Director orders Orc Cadets to stop Sam.[src]

The Orc Cadet is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.


Orc Cadets take part in rigorous training to become a part of the regular army. Some of the rookies are tested in the field - sometimes a bit too much.

In-game, the Orc Cadets are essentially the same as Orc Troopers. They are even equipped with the same blaster rifle. The only difference is that their health is a bit lower than Orc Troopers, which makes them even more easier to kill.


Orc Cadets are uncommon enemies in the game, only appearing in both Moon base levels. They first appear in a secret room in Illogical Biological, where they are locked in four test rooms, each one containing 3 Cadets, though the player can’t fight them. Another 2 appear near the start of Interplanetary Ballistic, along with The Director.


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