The Orc Assassin is a special variant of Orc soldier that appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour. They were hand-picked to carry out cover-ops behind enemy lines and support other troops in guarding high target structures.


These assassins are deployed by the Mental-Altani corporation to guard high priority locations, such as the Mental-Altani Moon base. Fitted with nearly state-of-the-art Yautjian technology (found by Orc geologists in a cave), Orc Assassins can become almost completely invisible when moving. The only time they can be seen clearly is when they are forced to reveal themselves in order to take aim and fire.


Compared to other Orc soldiers, Orc Assassins are much rarer, only appearing on the Moon base levels.

Attacks and statsEdit

The Orc Assassin's only attack is to fire its pistol at the player. Their stealth technology can render them almost invisble to the player, and only the red eyes from their mask give a hint to their presence. They are only visible when they are about to fire at the player. Their pistol doesn't do much damage, but it can poison the player and reverse their controls, even while aiming.  After an Orc Assassin has been killed, an EMP blast will be released, damaging the player within the vicinity and disabling their weapons for a few seconds.


  • When you see Orc Assassins dropping down, it is recommended to use rapid-firing weapons against them. This can kill them easily due to their low health.
  • Orc Assassins should be high-priority targets when paired with other enemies, as their invisibility ability while moving can make it difficult to see them, and the confusion and poison effect from their pistols will likely cause the player to shoot into wrong directions rather than the direction other enemies are in. Therefore, the player should kill the Assassin whenever they have a chance.
  • Do not get too close to an Assassin after killing one, as they will release an EMP blast when killed, which deals moderate damage and prevents you from being able to use your weapons for a period of time.

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