"Look at me. I am a big dumb barbarian. I have a god called Chrom. Beware of my axe."
Sam mocking Onan's appearance.

Onan the Librarian is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2.


Onan the Librarian is a large, axe-wielding barbarian with a muscular build. They were created by Mental after he discovered a "Dead Librarians Society" and that some of his minions had learnt how to read and write. Instead of executing them, though, he decided to transform them into the lowest form of intellect: barbarians.

These barbarians, equipped with axes and chromed shields, will run at the target at full speed. The only evidence of their "crazy" youth is their eyes, which each seem to look in a different direction.


Onan the Librarian only appears in the M'Digbo chapter of the game. They are relatively common in the first four levels, but become rarer after that. They often appear with Primitives.


The Librarian's main attack is throwing its axe at the player. If the player gets close to one, he will hit them with his axe, which deals a bit more damage than thrown axes.


  • The Librarian's projectiles can be easily avoided by strafing.
  • The Double Shotgun works well against Librarians at medium to close range, as five shots will kill it. The Auto Shotgun works better at Librarians at longer range because of its higher range.
  • The XPML30 Rocket Launcher is also useful against the Librarian. Three shots will gib it.
  • The RB-45 Hand Grenade is useful as a 'follow up' weapon with the weapons mentioned above. A combination of both of these weapons will inflict a major damage against the Librarian. This tactic works well against multiple Librarians.


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