The Minor Bio-mechanoid is a cyborg armed with two pulse lasers that are attached to its sides. They are not as dangerous compared to their larger counterparts, which are armed with rocket launchers.


The Minor Bio-mechanoid is a biological mechanism grown in Mental's bio-tanks. Its genome is programmed to give it biologically grown mechanical parts. Separately manufactured pulse lasers are attached to biologically designed side slots and are directly connected to the Minor's nervous system. Their large head serves mainly as a battery containment. The Bio-mechanoid is not very intelligent, as such they are limited mainly to seek-and-destroy.

In Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam HD, Serious Sam VR and Serious Sam: Xbox, Minor Bio-mechanoids are a light bluish color and have three horns protruding from their back. They also have a large exposed brain which covers most of their head, and grayish mechanical legs with four bird-like feet.

In Serious Sam 3: BFE, the Minor Bio-mechanoid's appearance has changed radically; their face is quite different, along with teeth and eyes with skin that looks like a brain. They also make different sounds.


Minor Bio-mechanoids are relatively common enemies. In Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Minors first appear in Sand Canyon, and in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, they appear in Valley of the Jaguar, along with Major Bio-mechanoids.

Compared to Serious Sam 1, Minor Bio-mechanoids in Serious Sam 3 are much less numerous, appearing only in a few levels. They often appear in a groups of few at a time.

Behavior and skillsEdit

Compared to Major Bio-mechanoids, Minors are smaller, have less health and deal less damage. They are still as fast as Majors, though. When the Minor Bio-mechanoid spots a target, it will fire a rapid burst of blue lasers, then stop and do it again. As they have low health points, it only takes one rocket or explosive round to kill them. The Minor Bio-mechanoid's fire rate depends on the difficulty; on Tourist and Easy, it will fire its beams at a slow rate. On Normal and higher, it will fire them more quickly. No matter the difficulty, the lasers travel very fast and can quickly hit a non-moving target.

In Serious Sam: Double D and Serious Sam: Double D: XXL, the Minor's gun will fire a laser upwards, then move down while firing lasers until its gun is pointed close to the ground. However, there are gaps between each laser, making it possible to avoid its lasers. Minor Bio-mechanoid corpses can be jumped on and used as platforms, which is handy for reaching certain parts of a level.


  • When facing Minor Bio-mechanoids, the player should always keep strafing. They cannot fire their lasers ahead of the player, making them harmless if the player keeps strafing in one direction.
  • While a rocket launcher is an ideal weapon against them, the Thompson submachine gun or M29 Infantry Assault Rifle are decent substitutes if you're low on rockets.
  • The servo motors controlling the Minor's movement are very loud. This will give you a hint to the Bio-mechanoid's presence.
  • When forced to change direction, the best way to avoid getting hit is by jumping over the laser stream.
  • Minors can be easily defeated with the XPML21 Rocket Launcher or MK III Grenade Launcher; it takes only one rocket or grenade round to kill them. Even groups of Minors of any size can easily be dispatched with these weapons, making them the perfect weapon against them. The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is also useful at defeating them at longer ranges, as one zoomed shot is enough to kill one.
  • On higher difficulty levels, Minors can be dangerous if left unchecked. Their rapid-fire lasers combined with the damage they do can drain the player's health if they aren't paying attention. Much like Beheaded Firecrackers, the player should attempt to kill them as soon as possible so that they can't drain the player's health while they're busy fighting off other enemies. On higher difficulties, they are mid-priority targets as there are enemies with harder-to-dodge attacks.
  • The M29 Infantry Assault Rifle while using iron sights works great, as it has perfect accuracy while using iron sights and has a fast-enough rate of fire that it can tear up a Minor quickly. If no other significant threat is nearby, it can even be dealt with quickly using a few shots of either shotgun.
  • Groups of Minors can be taken out with rapid-fire weapons such as the assault rifle or XL2 Lasergun. Rapid-fire weapons can quickly inflict damage on enemies, allowing the player to clear through groups of them with ease. The RAPTOR is also perfect for clearing out groups of Minors, as each shot from the sniper rifle is a one-hit kill. With some quick reflexes, the sniper rifle can wipe out a group of Minors even faster than the assault rifle, XM-214-A Minigun or lasergun can.

Serious Sam's Bogus DetourEdit

  • Avoid the Minor's lasers by strafing or dashing.
  • Groups of Minor Bio-mechs can be taken down with SBC Cannon, XPML21 Rocket Launcher, AS-24 Devastator or Erasergun. Rapid-firing weapons are also effective against them.
  • Minors can also be taken down with the Flamethrower or The Shaft, but the Shaft can be a better choice, considering that it deals extra damage to them.
  • Shotguns can be also used against the Minor, provided that the player is close to it and is quick enough to dodge its lasers.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Minor should be a medium or high-priority target. Its lasers can deal a good amount of damage, and they can make it difficult to avoid other enemy projectiles. Therefore, the player should kill the Minor whenever they have a chance.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Test 1, an unused texture for the Minor Bio-mechanoid exists, which is grey. It can be seen in some old screenshots. The grey Minor Bio-mechanoid stayed until post-Test 2 time, as its sounds can be found in its files. Judging from the sounds, it could kick the player away.

Serious Sam: Double DEdit

  • There is a noticeable gap between each laser fired by the Minor. Jump between these gaps in order to avoid the Minor's lasers.
  • Multiple rapid-fire weapons stacked together with a 12 Gauge Shotgun or an explosive weapon or two work very well against the Minor. The rapid-fire weapons and shotgun blasts can quickly inflict damage on a Minor, while explosive weapons can quickly kill the Minor if spammed by constantly hitting the fire key.
  • Multiple Minors should be dealt with by using a gunstack that has a mixture of powerful weapons, such as the shotgun and LM32 Rocket Launcher. Minors can easily be overwhelmed with powerful weapons, making it easy to cut down a group of them in no-time.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Minor is a high threat, but not because of the damage their lasers do. Its lasers can be quite annoying to dodge when trying to avoid other enemy's attacks, so the player should take it out as soon as they get a chance in order to give themselves more room to dodge other enemy projectiles.

Serious Sam: Next EncounterEdit

  • If the player constantly moves to the side, they will be able to dodge all of the Minor's lasers with ease.
  • Its lasers can be jumped over, which is very useful in emergencies.
  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun is very effective against the Minor Bio-mechanoid at close or medium range. One shot is usually needed to kill them.
  • Minors at a distance can be taken out with either the XPML4000 Rocket Launcher or the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. The RAPTOR works better if they need to be taken out immediately.
  • Groups of Minors can be killed with the XM4000 Minigun, or, later in the game, the Sirian Power Gun. Both have a high rate of fire and can quickly do enough damage to cut down a group of Minors with ease.
  • Much like their Serious Sam 1 counterpart, they can become a nuisance if left unchecked. They should be taken out whenever the player gets a chance to do so.


  • The code for the Minor's lasers comes from the scrapped Cyborg enemy.
  • The Minor Bio-mechanoid has rocket launchers instead of its laser weapons in NETRICSA except in Classics Revolution and Serious Sam HD.
  • The Minor Bio-mechanoid is so destined to eliminate its target that it will fire its lasers at them regardless of friendly fire, and have killed more of their own comrades than EDF soldiers as a result.



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