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"I have my shotgun and my faith, son. I am already packed."
―Father Mikhail to Sam.[src]

Mikhail Obruchev, commonly referred to as Father Mikhail, was a member of the Alien Artifact Acquisition squad and the Orthodox Church who assisted Sam and his friends in finding the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. He is a major supporting character in Serious Sam 4.


Mikhail was born in the Russian city of Murmansk. At some point in his life, he attended the St. Damianus Academy of Eschatology in Helsinki, Finland. During his time there, he became interested in studying apocryphal and pseudoepigraphical texts. This led him to acquire an extensive knowledge of archaic languages, which in turn led to a specialization in obscure and unusual religious texts.

In his later years, he became a priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church and was recruited by General Brand to help the Alien Artifact Acquisition team locate an alien artifact which may be the origin of the Holy Grail myth.


Serious Sam 4[]

Sam and Kenny meet up with Mikhail.

Mikhail is first seen exiting a church, reciting the Christian Trinity as he kills some of Mental's forces. He then meets up with Sam and Kenny, and is confused about why the convey didn't show up. Sam, annoyed, tells him that he is the guy in question. After their little chat, Sam, Kenny and Mikhail make their way to the plaza where Jones and Rodriguez are at. Seeing Rome overrun by Mental's army, the team decide to head back to base near Pompeii, bringing Mikhail with them. At the base, the team decide to activate the HAARP satellite to trigger Mount Vevusius to erupt in order to halt Mental's air units. The team agree and begin setting up beacons around the ruins of Pompeii, while Carter takes Mikhail back into Rome in the hope that they avoid being detected by Mental's armies when the eruption begins.

After the HAARP is activated, the team arrive back on base, but Quinn tells Sam they have been unable to contact Carter and Mikhail. She speculates that they may be trapped underground after an earthquake hit Rome due to using the HAARP weapon. Brand orders Sam and Rodriguez to rescue them, which they succeed in doing after Sam defeats the Swamp Hive. Once they establish contact with Carter and Mikhail, he explains to Sam that to find the Holy Grail, he will have to make his way to the Vatican Library and find a book that he will helpful to their mission. It is believed that this book will show them the location of the Grail. Sam finds the book and he and the team make their way to Carcassonne in France. However, their plane comes under heavy fire from Octanian Raiders, forcing them to jump out.

Mikhail warns Sam about the Grail.

Later on, Sam meets up with Mikhail and Carter at the castle in Carcassonne], and they make their way to the abandoned church where the Grail is believed to be at. Lord Achriman appears and confronts Sam and his friends. Sam is able to defeat him and blows his head off with his shotgun to avenge Kenny's death. Mikhail is impressed with Sam, but calls him mad, though he tells him that there is "something divine about his madness". Sam then informs him that they should continue with their mission and get the Grail, but Mikhail warns Sam that he is beginning to express doubt if the Grail is what it actually seems, and that it is something with a more sinister purpose. Mikhail and the others enter the church. Once inside, he insists that they perform a ritual that will reveal the Ark, but he thinks it is unwise to do so. Sam tells him that he would rather do it "his way" and blow up the church with C-4, though the rest of his team disagree with his methods, as Mikhail feels bad enough that Sam blew up the Vatican.

Mikhail performing a ritual in the church to reveal the Ark of the Covenant.

Reading aloud from the book that Sam found, Mikhail begins the ritual, which activates a hidden mechanism revealing the Ark. Mikhail says he can feel the power of the Ark. Sam opens it and reveals that the Grail is in fact not a Grail at all, but a golden scepter with the figure of a snake wrapped around it. Sam is about the grab the rod when Mikhail warns him not to touch it, as it was sealed away in the Ark due to the danger it possesses. General Brand suddenly appears and reveals that he is a traitor. He grabs the rod and allows the snake to bite him, turning him into a large, humanoid monster. Mikhail, considering him to be unholy, attempts to stop him, only for Brand to impale him with the rod, killing him.

Personality and skills[]

Mikhail cared for his friends and would protect them from Mental's forces whenever he encountered them. He was very knowledgeable with history and ancient texts, and could speak in many languages, including Old Slavic, Latin, Ancient Aramaic, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Vedic Sanskrit.

He was proficient with firearms, particularly shotguns, and was able to take down many of Mental's forces quickly with it.



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