The Metal Snake is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. It behaves quite similarly to the Shaanti Dragon, but has much less health.


The Metal Snake is a large mechanical creature with a body that resembles a snake. Their only attack is to launch a group of drones at the player. These drones will try to crash onto the player and explode upon impact.


The first Metal Snake as a miniboss in the first Arcadia Minor stage, and has much larger health than its regular counterpart. A group of them appear in the third Arcadia Minor stage, prior to the battle with the spaceship.


  • The miniboss variant has a large amount of health, as such, explosive arrows like the Bow and the XPML21 Rocket Launcher are recommended to use against it. Power-ups, such as Serious Damage, can help to defeat it quickly.
  • The drones can be avoided either by shooting at them or by using a shield.
  • Rapid-fire weapons, such as the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle and XM214-A Minigun, are effective against groups of Metal Snakes, as their rapid-fire state and damage lets the player quickly kill each Metal Snakes. The AS-24 Devastator is also effective against groups of Metal Snakes.

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