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The Mental-Altani Corporation, formerly known as the Altani Corporation, is a wide-scale planetary mining and military organization. They are the main antagonistic faction in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.



The Zorgs experimenting on themselves and becoming Orcs.

Originally called the Altani Corporation, this company was founded by a race of creatures who called themselves the Orcs. They were once ordinary Zorgs, but in a desperate attempt to get their skin back after being exposed to intense solar radiation, they conducted experiments involving chemical compounds and toxic fluids, which mutated them and turned their skin green. These distinct features gave them the name of the Orcs in an attempt to separate them from the unaffected, skinless Zorg population.

Eventually, the mutagenic chemicals, known as the ooze, was banned, and the Orcs were shipped off to the planet Orazio where they started the corporation. Having become a success, Mental found about the company, the Orcs, and the chemicals they used on themselves. Mental was astounded by its mysterious and dangerous properties, so he became allies with the Altani Corp., renaming the company to Mental-Altani. After forming an alliance, Mental had the Orcs began producing the chemicals again, this time on a massive scale to experiment on other species.

Ever since, Mental-Altani and the Orcs have been traveling throughout the galaxy, contaminating planets with the chemicals. They use the chemicals on the water and soil and on the local flora and fauna, causing widespread destruction in its wake.

Mental also had the corporation test these chemicals on his minions in an attempt to enhance them. Unfortunately, all attempts to create a loyal, enhanced being have failed as the test subjects turned hostile and aggressive towards the company and other Mental-affiliated allies after being exposed to the chemicals.

Mental-Altani on Earth[]

Ooze experimentation[]

As the Corporation continued to search for many to experiment on, they eventually came across Earth, which hosted a rich variety of life. As such, Mental-Altani constructed a base on The Moon, where they set up portals that connected to other portals down on Earth. This way, the Corporation could easily transport Mental's forces from the base onto the planet itself.

During the events of Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, the Corporation have already invaded Earth, where they use it as a base of operations for conducting experiments with the toxic chemicals. With their already strong military presence on Earth, this means that not only does Mental want to stop Sam from activating the SSS Centerprice and get to Sirius, but he also wants to take over the entire planet and eliminate humanity for good.

Environmental destruction[]

Fish being exposed to the ooze used by the Corporation, becoming mutated in the process.

After discovering Earth, Mental-Altani began conducting experiments on Earth's lifeforms, wrecking havoc on its fragile ecosystems. They polluted the land and seas with the chemicals, exposing aquatic life to it. This altered the DNA of some species of fish, causing them to sprout legs and gain sentience. These fish wield spears and are extremely hostile to any non-mutated life. Terrestrial species, such as tortoises and carnivorous plants, were also affected and became hideously mutated.

The result of the ooze also resulted in massive environmental damage; the Orcs destroyed large portions of several regions, which drastically altered the landscape. An example of this is the large drills the Corporation have set up in Turkey, which pump up molten lava directly from the Earth's crust, allowing Lava Golems to adapt and survive in the environment.

Military technology[]

The Mental-Altani corp have a wide range of advanced technology, though it is unknown if the Corporation became part of a military organization before or after Mental allied with them. The corporation use weapons, vehicles and other technology to defend themselves from other species that would most likely attack them if the Corporation invaded.

Orc troops[]

The Orcs form the main military force of Mental-Altani. Many Orc units are trained hastily and end up as cannon-fodder, while others are given heavy weaponry and are tasked with guarding important or restricted areas.

  • Light Orc Zone Trooper: A special branch of units used to take out heavily armored targets. They are armed with railguns, which makes then dangerous opponents.
  • Orc Assassin: Highly-trained soldiers who were hand-picked to carry out covert-ops behind enemy lines and guard high target structures. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which enables them to become almost invisible.
  • Orc Butcher: A tough variant of Orc equipped with a chainsaw. They use their chainsaws to cut and prepare meat from large animals, such as infected tortoises. They have been known to use their chainsaws on humans as well.
  • Orc Cadet: Light infantry units that take part in rigorous training to become a part of the regular army. They are much weaker in comparison to other Orc troops. 
  • Orc Captain: A heavily armoured Orc soldier equipped with several weapons, such as a grenade launcher and flamethrower. They are often accompanied with Orc Troopers and many of them carry keycards to guard certain areas.
  • Orc Scientist: While not considered to be part of their military, Orc Scientists are responsible for developing and maintaining the technology for Mental-Altani. They are also used to conduct repairs on damaged machines or vehicles.
  • Orc Sniper: Soldiers that have been trained in precision shooting and expert camouflaging, which makes them difficult to see until the target is within range. They are armed with a powerful sniper rifle which they use to take out their targets from a distance.
  • Orc Trooper: Common Orc troops equipped with a relatively weak blaster rifle. They are often deployed in large numbers to support Orc Captains.

Combat technology[]

Mental-Altani utilize various other types of technology, such as autonomous weapons to keep enemies out of Orc bases, or make use of transportation to deploy troops onto the battlefield.

  • Anti-Humanity Sensor Mine: A proximity-based landmine that is invisible until the target approaches it, then explodes once the target touches it. Due to a manufacturing error, these mines cannot tell the difference between friend or foe, so they will be triggered even by Mental's forces or Mental-Altani affiliated units.
  • Drop pod: A laser-guided pod used by multi-mission aircraft to deploy troops into combat zones.
  • Interstellar Tele-Destination: A solar-powered teleportation device that is mainly used to receive shipments from off-world locations, though it is also used for teleporting troops.
  • Multi-mission aircraft: A VTOL aircraft and Mental-Altani's main form of transportation on Earth. While it is not known to have any defensive weaponry, these aircraft can deploy Orc troops with the use of laser-guided pods to engage with targets on the ground.
  • Powercell: A device that controls doors and various traps. The strength of a powercell is displayed by the amount of blue cells on top of it.
  • PRIME-209: A mech originally used for mining that was later turned into a war machine by refitting its equipment with a rocket launcher and a laser cannon. Like the Tech-X, this mech was part of the Mech Replacment program.
  • Tech-X: Hailing from Altani's Tech Replacement program, this mech was built for use in highly toxic sanitation situations where a regular Orc force couldn't be sustained for any extended period of time.
  • Tower: An autonomous sentry unit placed within military bases or important structures to guard them. There are three variants of tower, each of which fires different types of projectiles.
  • Wall Laser: Automatic weapon system that fires rapid bursts of lasers when activated. They are usually found in highly restricted areas.