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Sam, trapped in a room with Marsh Hoppers.[src]

The Marsh Hopper is a common and reoccurring enemy in the Serious Sam series. They are easy to defeat, but swarms of them can quickly overwhelm or even kill the player.


Marsh Hoppers are a species of small, amphibious-like aliens approximately the size of a small cat. They inhabit marshy wastelands on their home planet in the system of Rigil Kentaurus. A social and highly territorial species, Marsh Hoppers live in groups, and will react aggressively to anything that encroaches its territory. In all-devastating havoc, all individuals try to leap at the intruder and explode, by over inflating themselves. Upon exploding, toxic slime contained in their intestines splashes the target.

Hoppers have very low health, making them extremely easy to kill. However, Hoppers are always released in large hordes. This makes them very dangerous, as they can quickly jump on the player in succession and inflict a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. On higher difficulties, a group of Hoppers jumping on the player almost at once can quickly kill a player with 80% health and no armor.

In I Hate Running Backwards, the Marsh Hopper is much larger in comparison to their Serious Sam 1 counterpart. Like other enemies in the game, Marsh Hoppers have two tiers. The upgraded Narsh Hoppers have increased jump distance, and Tier 2 Marsh Hoppers have a high chance of leaving behind a pool of acid after death.


İn Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Hoppers appear in most of the levels after the second level.

In Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, Hoppers are much rarer compared to other games, appearing only in the first 2 levels, though they do appear in large numbers.

In Serious Sam: Double D, Hoppers are relatively uncommon enemies, though they almost always appear in groups.


Serious Sam 1Edit

  • When fighting Marsh Hoppers, the player must always be on the move. Hoppers can quickly catch up to the player if they stop moving.
  • You must always be aware of their surroundings when fighting off Marsh Hoppers. Hoppers can easily sneak up on you because their sounds are not location-based and will always sound the same, whether the Hopper is behind or in front of the player.
  • Groups can be dealt with by using either the M1A2 Thompson or the XPML21 Rocket Launcher. Smaller groups can be taken out with dual Schofields. The rocket launcher is effective because Marsh Hoppers easily stick together in tight groups, which makes them vulnerable to a rocket's splash damage. However, the player should only fire the rocket launcher at a distance because there is a chance of a Hopper jumping in front of a rocket at the last moment if fired close to Hoppers.
  • It may be tempting to use the XM214-A Minigun against large hoards of Hoppers, but it is actually a waste of ammo. It takes one bullet to kill a Hopper, and the minigun's high rate of fire will ensure that a few rounds will be wasted while switching to another Hopper. If one must use the minigun, try to fire in bursts.
  • While Hoppers may explode when they die, the explosion they make if they die does almost no damage, even at point blank range. Their explosions only do damage if they hop onto the player.
  • In the Second Encounter, the P-LAH Chainsaw can make a quick work of even a large Marsh Hopper group. When no other enemies are present, it's often a good idea to retreat in the corner and point the chainsaw diagonally upward, making it very hard to get hit.
  • With other enemies, Marsh Hoppers are a medium-priority threat. Their attacks can be dodged but it may sometimes prove difficult.
  • It may be useful to crouch while fighting Marsh Hoppers. While crouching, Marsh Hoppers are at your eye level and you don't have to angle your weapon down to hit them.

Serious Sam's Bogus DetourEdit

  • Small groups of Hoppers can be taken down with the Pistols.
  • Unlike other games, Hoppers will die if they hit a wall or an object. This can be useful for saving ammunition.
  • Weapons with lots of spread (i.e the Shotgun), or a high rate of fire such as the Thompson submachine gun are effective against medium to large groups of Hoppers.

Serious Sam: Double DEdit

  • Rapid-fire weapons, such as the Thompson submachine gun, are the best weapons to use against Marsh Hoppers. They can be quickly cut down by the rapid fire gun's slew of projectiles they fire thanks to their very low health.
  • The best strategy for them it to avoid them as much as possible. They can inflict a significant amount of damage quickly and usually appear in close-quarters areas, making it extremely difficult to dodge their attacks. Try to move forwards while killing any frogs that are following the player or the occasional one or two Marsh Hoppers that try to get in front of the player. The large amount of damage Marsh Hoppers can do if multiple ones quickly attack is simply not worth fighting them for.
  • Marsh Hoppers are difficult to dodge because their large jump length makes it difficult to jump over them. In almost every case, killing them is much faster and easier than trying to dodge their jump attack.

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Serious Sam Classics: RevolutionEdit

Stop jumping! Stop jumping!
Kill 5000 marsh-hoppers with the chainsaw.


  • The Marsh Hopper is called "Gizmo" in the game files.
  • The Marsh Hopper in Test 2 had a more tan body with neon eyes and blue fins.
  • In the Tower of Babel, there is a secret Marsh Hopper called 'Mighty Gizmo' that will spawn extremely small Marsh Hoppers upon death. You have to kill them quickly, or else you will be swarmed by hundreds of Hoppers and they will cause a lot of damage.
  • Giant Marsh Hoppers appear in the secret "yard of strange heads" in The City of the Gods.


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