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The MK III Grenade Launcher is an experimental grenade launcher. It can fires grenade at short range, or be charged to shoot them at long range against targets that are far away.


The MK III fires one grenade per shot. Grenades will either explode upon contact with an enemy or three seconds after it has been fired. The grenades contain a smart impact detonator, which makes the grenade explode on contact with the target, but not with walls or obstacles.

Grenades can ricochet across different walls for surprise attacks on enemies hiding around corners. This can be a handy trick to avoid direct contact with dangerous targets.

The distance the grenade goes depends on how long the player holds the fire key. If the fire key is not held at all, the grenade will will just drop out of the barrel and bounce a few feet to get some distance. However, if the fire key is held as long as possible, the grenade will fly out of the gun at great speed and will cover a medium distance before it hits the ground. A fully-charged grenade deals more damage than a rocket, and the grenade launcher's splash damage is larger than the rocket launcher's splash damage. This means it has more potential dealing damage to dense groups of enemies than rockets.

In Serious Sam: Next Encounter, the grenade launcher uses three types of ammunition; standard rounds, limpet grenades and spider mines. Limpet grenades can stick to any flat surface and detonates if it detects movement within 5 meters of where it was placed. Spider mines have a 10 meter sensory range, and will seek out the nearest enemy and then explode.

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A reliable infantry grenade thrower with adjustable launching speed. MKIII is designed to deliver highly explosive grenades over obstacles and around corners, whilst reducing the chance of the operator being hurt by the projectile. A smart impact detector detonates the grenade on impact with a live target, but not with a wall.


  • Tap the trigger for slow launching or hold it down to deliver at longer ranges
  • Wide range explosions are effective against large masses of enemies
  • Bounce grenades around corners or lob them over walls

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AMMO: 40mm High Explosive Rounds

RATE OF FIRE: Variable

Further refinement on the MK II Grenade Launcher has allowed Shofield to produce the most comprehensive grenade system in the galaxy. The patented Compression Chamber system allows the user to vary the distance over which grenades are fired by varying the time the trigger is held.


This model allows three different types of grenade to be launched once the relevant ammo is collected:

Standard rounds will explode on contact if they collide with enemies or within seconds of impact otherwise.

The Limpet Grenade will stick to any flat surface it lands on and detonate when it detects movement within a 5m radius.

Spider Mines have an extendable set of legs and an on-board AI that will seek out the nearest bionic life form within its 10m sensory range.


  • A charged up grenade can be very useful against strong and slow enemies, such as Major Bio-mechanoids. Grenades are more powerful and travel at a faster rate than a rocket does. However, the charge time gives the MK III a lower rate of fire compared to the XPML21 Rocket Launcher.
  • A shot of grenades can also effectively take down a single Cucurbito the Pumpkin, compared to two shots from the rocket launcher.
  • It is an effective weapon against Minor Bio-mechanoids due to its high damage output. A single grenade can kill an individual Minor, and can be used to deal light to moderate damage against small groups.
  • Uncharged grenades can be used for quickly taking down tightly-packed weak enemies at any range or for large groups of medium-strength enemies, such as Kleers at close range. However, the player should ensure they keep some distance while firing the grenade due to the possibility of accidentally inflicting self-damage by the grenade's blast radius. Switching to the lasergun or minigun when enemies get too close is a valid option as enemies that survived the grenade launcher are softened up.
  • When grenades bounce off a wall, it bounces off directly away from the wall, regardless of what angle the grenades hit the wall.
  • High-speed grenades bouncing back are very dangerous as grenades are very damaging on direct hit.
  • A charged up grenade can be useful against a tight flock of Scythian Witch Harpies at long range. One grenade can gib up to four Harpies at once, though the explosions will separate any surviving Harpies.

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  • A different skin for the grenade ammo box can be found in Test 1's files. It has the MK III's HUD ammo icon on it, which explains where the HUD icon originates.


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