The MKII-B Minelayer is a weapon that appears in Seriously Warped Deathmatch and Serious Sam Classics: Revolution.


The MKII-B Minelayer is a weapon that can be used to place mines. The player can only place a maximum of 5 mines. Mines will remain on the ground for an unlimited amount of time, unless someone steps on it or if it's remotely detonated.

The minelayer sees very limited use due to the difficult nature of its operation; the weapon can only carry 15 mines at a time, and lay only 5. Additionally, unlike the grenade launcher, the weapon cannot be "charged" to throw mines further - they're always launched the same, at a low velocity and trajectory from the launcher.

Ammo Packs and Serious Packs do not replenish ammo for this weapon. Additionally, the only place the player can acquire ammo for this weapon is in the same level it's found.

After being launched, mines will take a moment to actually arm themselves, designated by a loud beep. Upon being detonated or after an enemy comes near, they will beep again and detonate after another delay.

NETRISCA informationEdit

  • Weapon: MKII-B Minelayer
  • Ammo: VS-MKX anti-personnel mines
  • Weight: 30 lbs


A branch from the MKII Grenade Launcher, before it was upgraded to the current MKIII, the MKII-B Minelayer was conceived following some research into the intelligence of Mental's minions. While the research took a lot of human life due to the overwhelming number of enemies, scientists has found that the average intelligence of a regular minion is around, to quote, "a bag of bricks with lower than average IQ."

With that outstanding achievement in mind, an old MKII Grenade Launcher was quickly outfitted to lay mines instead, to make traps to any monster trying to attack the humans again. Too bad they had spaceships and teleports too.


  • Mines will remain on the ground indefinitely, unless stepped on or remotely triggered using the secondary fire
  • A limited amount of mines can be active at the same time


  • Launching all five mines in one spot and baiting a large enemy such as a Major Bio-mechanoid to step on them is an easy way to do devastating damage to them, if not kill them outright.
  • Like all explosives, Sam can take damage from his own mines, though they won't detonate if he walks over them.
  • This discrepancy is shared with the plasmathrower, most likely due to the fact they both use new ammo types.


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