The Light Orc Zone Trooper is a type of Orc soldier that appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.


The Light Orc Zone Trooper is a special Orc unit used to take out heavily armored targets. They are equipped with a railgun, which makes them one of the deadliest units of the Mental-Altani army. They wear red armor, which looks similiar to the ones worn by Orc Cadets and Orc Troopers, though it seems to offer better protection, considering that they take much more damage before dying. They are dangerous, due to their high speed and the damage their railgun deals. On higher difficulties, getting hit by Light Orc Zone Troopers can result in an instant death.


As they are armed with railguns, Light Orc Zone Troopers are very dangerous enemies if left unchecked. When the spot the target, there will be a brief pause as their railgun warms up, then they will open fire. Their railgun can deal a lot of damage to an unsuspecting player, being able to kill them in just a few hits.


Like the Dib Dib Dum Dum, the Light Orc Zone Trooper is notable for being one of the most rarest enemies in the Serious Sam series, as only one of them is known to appear in the campaign, and even it only appears in the secret level in the base where the Auto Shotgun is found.


  • Because they are very fast, it is recommended to hit them with insta-hit weapons, such as the AS-24 Devastator or XM214-A Minigun.
  • Their railguns can be dodged by hiding behind cover when they are about to fire, though they can be dodged by continuously dashing. The shield upgrade can be useful when fighting with them, as it can block their projectiles.
  • Light Orc Zone Troopers should be high-priority targets when paired with other enemies because how much damage their railgun does. Therefore, they should be killed quickly.

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