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Kwongo is the first boss of Serious Sam 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Kwongo is a massive gorilla-like creature, and has the highest health points of any boss (the same as the Mental Institution) in the game.

After Kwongo stole a piece of the Medallion on the planet M'Digbo, he is then fought by Sam in the center of Ursul after having been summoned by the Simba Shaman.

Boss fight[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the fight, Kwongo will walk towards the theatre where Sam and the Simba's catapults are, destroying some skyscrapers and launching houses at Sam from time to time. Simbas will keep spawning from the doors on the right and on the left and will try to load the four catapults with lava balls.

Some giant Primitives will also be spawned from behind the wall of the theatre and will try to kill the Simbas. There are five machine gun turrets in the rear of the theatre that Sam should use both to shoot down houses launched by Kwongo and to protect Simbas from the primitives. If the Simbas reach to reload a catapult, it will fire a big lava ball that will deal a lot of damage to Kwongo. If Kwongo arrives close enough to the theatre, he will first crush the whole place with one of his huge fists, destroying all turrets and catapults and killing all the Simbas and Primitives (and greatly damaging Sam unless he's inside a turret), then he will again smash the arena with a fist, or poke Sam with one of his fingers, trying to kill him.

The four catapults are virtually the only thing that can deal enough damage to Kwongo. Normal weapons are highly ineffective against him, but on harder difficulties you will have to finish off Kwongo yourself.

After Kwongo has been defeated, Sam tells the Shaman it will take months to bury him, but he tells Sam not to worry, as he has a plan. In the next cutscene, hundreds of Simbas can be seen sitting on benches preparing for a large feast, with the remains of Kwongo being roasted over a large fire.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The player must immediately step inside the Machine Gun Turret in front. Once inside, the player should try to kill the Primitives that get launched into the arena, and destroy the houses that Kwongo launches at them.
  • It takes 17 catapult lava balls to kill Kwongo on Normal difficulty.
  • The machine gun turrets are capable of causing damage to Kwongo but generally it's better to let the Simba's catapults do the job.
  • On harder difficulties, it is possible for Kwongo not to get killed before he gets close enough to destroy the catapults. If this happens, the only things the player has that can do decent damage to him are the SBC Cannon and Klawdovic, but they will not make it unless he's on very low health. So try to let the catapults damage him as much as possible. even by allowing Kwongo to hit the turret to kill the Primitives.

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