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Kukulele Prison is the sixth level of Serious Sam 2.


Soon after entering the prison, Serious Sam finds the Shaman and rescues him. The Shaman decides to take a shortcut, leaving Sam to fight through the prison and rescue any Simba prisoners still trapped in the prison.

Along the way, he finds a strange, sparkling object that teleports in a large amount of enemies. Eventually, he reaches a large area with a pool at its bottom. He climbs to the top of the area, then clears out one last part of the prison before entering the Shaman at Ursul Gardens.


  1. In the first room, there is a large gorilla head statue on the right side of the building. Walk near the statue, and you will find a switch. Press it, and a Medium Armor will come out of it.
  2. After going through the room with a ton of boxes in it, you will be in a very large room with crates on the left side of the building. Jump up these crates, and you will find a Large Armor and two Klawdovics.
  3. After clearing out all of the enemies in the room with the sparkly thing in it, approach the door that's directly across from where you entered the sparkly thing room. The door will open, and you'll be lead to a room that has a Treasure Coin, a Treasure Bag, and a Treasure Chest.
  4. As soon as you enter the lake area, swim across the lake. Look for an area with a roof that has some items on it. Walk to the top of the nearby red pillar, then jump to the roof. When you get there you can pick up the Treasure Chest and two hand grenades.
  5. From the previous secret, look across the lake until find an Extra Large Armor on a platform. Shoot a rocket at the platform and it will blow up, sending the armor to the ground.
  6. Walk past the first Machine Gun Turret in the lake area. While in the passage that connects the first turret area with the second, keep looking left until you see a hole in the wall. Jump in it and you'll land on a platform. Look to the right and you'll see a Super Health being held by a monkey statue hand. Jump on the hand and pick up the super health.