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Knee Deep in Sand is the first level of Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Having fought a tough battle, Sam has finally reached the Temple of Ptah. After obtaining the Shrine of Amon-Ra item, Sam heads north. He and NETRICSA need to find out why so many of Mental's troops are coming from the direction of Alexandria, as they seem to be fairly organised. Thus, Sam heads to the city of Alexandria to investigate.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  • After getting the Amon-Ra item, enter the corridor on your right. There will be several hieroglyphics on the northern wall here. One of them has a hieroglyphic resembling an eagle. This wall can be broken - shoot it, and enter the secret passage behind it to find some cells.
  • In the large area where you get the shotgun, there will be another hieroglyphic resembling an eagle that can be broken in the top-right corner of the area. Break it to find some cells at the end of the hidden passage.
  • Head behind the buildings to the left of where the Orc Captain carrying the Red keycard can be found. You should be able to see part of a structure in the top of your screen. There is a broken piece of wall at the bottom of this structure. Shoot it with any weapon - and then the powercell behind it. Now proceed through the red keycard door and hug the left wall. You will eventually find an opening in the ledge partially hidden behind some palm trees. From here, head south until you come across the same structure from earlier. Collect the star here to trigger the secret.
  • Once you arrive at the pyramid next to the lake, head west to find a lot of palm trees closely together. Travel through the trees until you are stopped by a ledge. A lone palm tree is hiding an entrance to a secret area north of here. Travel behind the palm tree, then head north until you find a small village consisting of four buildings and a few civilians. You will find some shells, bullets, cells and an experience pickup here. Some Orc Troopers will drop down by pods once you collect the secret.
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