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The King Scorpion is the first boss that appears in I Hate Running Backwards. He serves as the boss of A King's Tail, the first environment of the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The King Scorpion is a large red Arachnoid wearing a crown equipped with two chainguns, which are similar to the ones used by Arachnoids from Serious Sam 1 and Hatchling Arachnoids in Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The King Scorpion has two attack phases: a strafing run, where he will fire from his miniguns whilst strafing left or right, and a burrowing phase, where he will dig a hole underground and give chase to the player while attempting to sting them.

During the strafing phase, the King Scorpion will return to the bottom-center part of the screen and narrow the distance between the two lines of fire, then stop firing, and fire an acid projectile in front of him. On Hardcore mode, the King Scorpion can move on to his second phase immediately.

In the second phase, the King Scorpion will dig a hole and go underground. While underground, the King Scorpion will give chase, and if it manages to get right underneath the player, will use its tail to sting them. Additionally, during this phase, a horde of Antaresian Spiders will come to the King Scorpion's aid and attack the player. This stream of Spiders end as soon as the second phase is over. The King Scorpion will then return to the middle-bottom of the screen and start over from the first phase.

On Hardcore mode, the King Scorpion has four miniguns instead of two, making for an extra wide stream of bullets. He also fires three acid projectiles instead of one, in a triangular pattern.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • When the King Scorpion begins his strafing run, stay between his stream of bullets, moving along his strafing path. Should the player find themselves too close to the bullets and in need of exiting the stream - the bullets he fires can be deflected with a hammer. The acid projectile, however, cannot be deflected.
  • Avoiding the King Scorpion during its strafing phase is an easy task for fast characters such as Dancing Denzell. Lo Wang's melee dash also works perfectly for avoiding the King, should he come too close to the player.
  • Use a rifle or an automatic weapon for repelling the spiders when the King Scorpion is underground.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

I Hate Running Backwards[edit | edit source]

Kingslayer.jpg Kingslayer (20G) B
Kill King Scorpion
Overkill.jpg Overkill (20G) B
Kill King Scorpion before he burrows
Against Some Odds.jpg Against Some Odds (10G) S
Kill King Scorpion while two curses are active
Precious Ammo.jpg Precious Ammo (10G) S
Get to King Scorpion using only the hammer

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