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"I lost my shoe."
―Kenny's usual catchphrase.[src]

Kenneth "Kenny" Orkanti was the newest recruit of the Earth Defense Force and Alien Artifact Acquisition. He was working with Carter, Jones, Hellfire, Rodriguez and Sam to acquire alien artifacts scattered around the Earth during the Mental War. He is a major character featured in Serious Sam 4.

Kenneth appears as a multiplayer skin for use in the cooperative multiplayer in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem.


Kenny was born to Nestor and Marlene Orkanti in Holliston, Massachusetts but was raised in Madagascar. His parents were notable zoologists who were there to research the island's unique biodiversity.

After receiving his high school diploma at the age of 17, he went on to study exobiology at the Gnosis Alpha Orbital University. His studies were interrupted when the university was destroyed between semesters, which inspired him to join the Earth Defense Force. Kenny was inexperienced but highly dedicated to the cause.


Serious Sam 4[]

Kenny in one of the trucks of the AAA convoy, on the way to Father Mikhail.

Kenny is sent with Carter, Hellfire, Jones, Rodriguez and Sam to rendezvous with Father Mikhail, as it is believed he knows the location of the Ark of the Covenant, an alien artifact that contains the Holy Grail.

But before they expect it, the convoy of the Alien Artifact Acquisition team are ambushed by Octanian Raiders which kills several soldiers and crashes Sam's car with the driver and Kenny inside. Sam and Kenny, being the only two people alive from the crash of their car, stay together and fight their way through the streets of Rome to find Father Mikhail.

They eventually find him and prepare for extraction, killing more of Mental's forces and recovering strange Sirian artifacts along the way. Once at the extraction zone, they find Jones and Rodriguez clearing the area of aliens, but a Gnaar managed to survive and dashes to Kenny shortly before Kenny kills it, with the shotgun Sam provided for him mere moments earlier. This causes Kenny's shoe to fall off and prompts him to say a really bad one-liner and his most iconic phrase "I lost my shoe. This remark makes Rodriguez, Jones and Sam angry at him about how he could've said a better line. After fighting a huge horde of aliens, a Saggitarian Sidewinder bursts out of the ground, which starts a boss fight. After the fight, Hellfire comes with a bus and extracts them all.

They drive to an EDF base to discuss plans with General Brand. Carter proposes the usage of the HAARP, a seismic weapon fired from a satellite. Knowing how dangerous it is, they accept it and head to Pompeii to plant the beacons. Kenny and the crew manage to place all their beacons, but at the cost of Jones' life. After a signal interference, the HAARP is fired, which causes Mount Vesuvius to erupt. Sam, Hellfire, Jones and Kenny are forced to run for their lives to avoid getting burned alive. Sam finds Kenny with his leg underneath the statue of Uranus. Kenny cuts Sam off being he can say that the statue doesn't look like his anus, and they make their way to Hellfire with Rodriguez already in the car. They drive off as Sam tells the crew about Jones' fate. After finding some old Slavic text in the Vatican, Kenny and the team board a plane to Carcassonne in France to find the Ark of the Covenant. But on their way, the plane's engine is damaged by raiders. The crew is then forced to jump off the plane, making Kenny lose his shoe again. Sam then tells Kenny to meet him at Carcassonne, which is not far from where they are.

The A.A.A on their way to Carcassonne, with Kenny on the far right, on the right of Sam.

They finally meet and they both fight groups of aliens in a park, but as Sam compliments Kenny about the fight, Lord Achriman shows up behind Sam, with Kenny in his hands. After taunting Sam about how impossible it is for humanity to win and how Sam is a relic from an old world, Sam proposes a man-to-man fight and to "leave the kid out of it". Achriman tells him why should he do something like that before stabbing Kenny in the head with his finger, immediately killing him. Sam apologizes, saying that Kenny at least died with his two shoes.

Lord Achriman kills Kenny.

After meeting up with the resistance, finding the alien informant Charlie and teaming up with his crew, Sam, Hellfire, Rodriguez, Carter and Father Mikhail finally reach the church which contains the Ark of the Covenant. But being entering, Lord Achriman shows up and taunts them once more. After wondering why Achriman's legs are so tiny, Achriman enters his shell-like body part and flies like a butterfly, which prompts a boss fight against Achriman. After defeating him, Sam walks up to him and says Kenny's famous phrase "I lost my shoe" before blasting off Achriman's head with his shotgun, avenging Kenny in the process.

Kenny is briefly mentioned later on in the game after the credits roll.


Sam Stone[]

The relationship between Kenny and Sam started off as a kid trying to impress his entourage or at least be at the same level as them. As Sam and Kenny started to be in more and more missions together, they start to get along more and more, which can be seen right after Kenny died, as Sam felt guilt and sorrow for his death.


  • He had specialized knowledge of the Aludran Microhopper’s endocrinal clustergland.
  • He was allergic to Belgian champagne, strawberries, and petrichor.
  • He enjoyed turn-based strategy games, fiction, and French cuisine.
  • He can be heard fighting off Marsh Hoppers on Sam's radio, despite them not being seen in the game.


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