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The Kamikaze Marine Mark II is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Kamikaze Mark Marine II were originally Sirian soldiers that betrayed their own people in order to work with Mental. As they wanted to serve Mental, he “rewarded” them by locking them into a dark dungeon and began torturing them for many, many years. During torture, Mental brainwashed them into being loyal soldiers for him.

After they become completely loyal, Mental strapped a huge stick of dynamite on their back and told them to charge at an enemy and then blow up. The Marines were more than happy to accept the assignment, as it would both let them serve Mental and finally end their pain.

Behavior and skills[]

Behavior-wise, the Kamikaze Marine Mark II is the same as the Beheaded Kamikaze. It has more health than the Beheaded Kamikaze and does more damage, but is otherwise the same, including making the trademark yell the Beheaded Kamikaze makes.


Kamikaze marine Mark IIs are rare throughout the game. They appear only a few levels, and even there, their appearances are few.


  • Kamikaze Marine Mark IIs can be detected by their loud yelling. This lets the player figure out where it is and kill it before it gets too close.
  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun is very effective against the Kamikaze Marine Mark II. One blast at short or medium range can kill it in one hit. It is also effective against multiple Mark IIs, but the delay between shots gives the Mark IIs a second or two to advance.
  • Another weapon to use against multiple Kamikaze Marine Mark II is the XM4000 Minigun. It's high rate of fire and good damage can quickly clear out any group of Kamikaze Marine Mark IIs. However, it's wind-up time makes the player vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • If multiple Kamikaze Marine Mark IIs are surrounding the player are too close to use the Minigun because of how long it takes to wind-up, use the Shofield Uzi Pistol. It doesn't need to be wound-up before firing, which makes it much better for when multiple Kamikaze Marine Mark IIs are too close.
  • The Kamikaze Marine Mark II should be one of the first enemies targeted in a fire fight. The Kamikaze can do a good amount of damage if it explodes next to the player. Getting rid of it as soon as possible will prevent it from exploding near the player.


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