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"A brain with a mouth. I guess it's hungry for new ideas."
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The Kalopsy is a strange flying creature that appears as a large floating brain with a mouth. It is first introduced as an enemy in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope and later appears in Serious Sam 4.


The Kalopsy is an unusual alien lifeform whose origins are not known. They may be the result of an experiment or perhaps an creature found on some distant planet that has been modified to suit Mental's needs. On the rear part of the creature is a mechanical device anchored into its body that allows it to propel itself around.

In Serious Sam 4, Kalopsies first appear in The Die is Cast. They are not encountered very often. When they do appear, it's usually sparingly or when a big fight begins. They become more common later in the game.

Behavior and skills[]

The Kalopsy's behavior is unique in comparison to other enemies: when not engaged in combat, it may occasionally spawn 5 guided projectiles, but when shot at, it will continouly spawn such projectiles until its target is overwhelmed. If a Kalopsy's projectile hits the player, it will cause their screen to shake a bit and then return to normal. When a Kalopsy has been killed, it will explode and release a massive burst of projectiles.


  • Kalopsies produce more and more projectiles every time they take a tick of damage. Because of this, the player should avoid using rapid-fire weapons such as the XL2 Lasergun or XM214-A Minigun against them. Weapons with a high damage per shot like the A-24 Devastator, Double Barrel Coach Gun and RAPTOR Sniper Rifle work well against the Kalopsy.
  • The FRPCL is an effective but very risky choice of weapon against Kalopsies; as the high amount of damage the projectiles fired by the weapon deal against it will cause the Kalopsy to release dozens of its projectiles at the player. However, said projectiles can be easily destroyed by the FRPCL's chainsaw mode.
  • As said before, Kalopsy's projectiles can be shot down, which can be useful to avoid receiving damage.
  • Circle strafing seems to be the most effective way to dodge a Kalopsy's projectiles.
  • Kalopsies tend to chase the player when provoked by gunfire. They can't be outrun and would adjust to player's movement speed (even if one is using a motorbike). Only way to get rid of them is killing it.
  • Multiple Kalopsies can be taken down with the XPML21 Rocket Launcher (especially with the lock-on multi-rocket upgrade in Serious Sam 4). When using akimbo rocket launchers, it is recommended that the player tries to predict where the Kalopsies are moving, as the Kalopsies can avoid the rockets.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Kalopsy is a medium-high priority target and should be one of the first enemies taken out because of the damage dealt by their acid projectiles, and the effect that causes the screen to shake can make it difficult to see the screen, as well as other enemies and projectiles.


  • The Kalopsy distantly looks and behaves like the Cacodemon from the Doom series, which they might be partially inspired from.


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