The Juvenile Sirian Werebull is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter. They are smaller and weaker variants of normal Sirian Werebulls.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Juvenile Sirian Werebull is a small variant of the Sirian Werebull who has baby accessories. They shouldn't be underestimated or be taken in by their 'cute' appearance. They are genetically programmed with the same ferocity and temperament as their normal counterparts and in packs can easily knock a soldier to the floor and trample him to death.

Juvenile Sirian Werebulls are weaker and don't deal much as damage than their regular counterparts. However, their small size can make it difficult to hit them and they are always released in packs, which can do a major damage to an unprepared player.

The Juvenile Sirian Werebull so far only appears in Via Aurelia.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Juvenile werebulls can be avoided by sidestepping. Jumping while sidestepping is more useful as it decreases the chance of being hit by multiple Werebulls.
  • A lone Juvenile Werebull can be taken down with the Shofield Desert Hawk.
  • Groups of Juvenile Werebulls can be taken down with the Double-Barrel Shotgun or Shofield Uzi Pistol. The shotgun can make quick work of them because it instantly kills them and has a somewhat low-reload speed, while the Uzi Pistols are useful as their fast rate of fire can quickly deplete a Werebull's health.
  • The Serious Jeep is useful against Juvenile Werebulls because it is very fast that the werebulls can't reach to the player, and the rockets can kill multiple Werebulls. Killing them by ramming into them can also be useful, but the Werebulls will push the jeep around if they hit it and the jeep will also take damage while it rams into the Werebulls.

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