The Infected Fish is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.


Infected Fish were once a species of ordinary fish that have been exposed and mutated by the ooze the Orcs poured on themselves. As they mutated, they grew arms and legs which enable them to move on land as well as swim in water. They are equipped with a spear that they use to jab or throw at their targets. Like other infected enemies, the Infected Fish will target and be targeted by enemies who aren't infected.

There are two types of Infected Fish; melee and ranged. The melee Infected Fish will stab the target which deals relatively low damage, while the ranged Infected Fish throws spears that deals a bit more damage.


Infected Fish are common around beaches, where they will often attack Crabs or other enemies.


  • Infected Fish are quite weak. A few shots from the Pistols or 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun will kill them.
  • Large groups of Infected Fish can be dealt with either with the Thompson submachine gun, XM214-A Minigun or Laser Cannon. Their high rate of fire and damage lets the player quickly kill them.
  • The Sledgehammer is also useful against Infected Fish, as it instantly kills them and has a large impact, which can kill multiple ones with a single hit.
  • Avoid their spears by strafing or dashing.
  • Infected Fish can be used as a way to distract and damage other enemies in order to save ammunition.



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