Hugo is the sixth boss of Serious Sam 2, and also the boss of the planet Kronor.

Overview[edit | edit source]

According to NETRICSA, Hugo is the most advanced robot in Mental's army, and in its arsenal, Hugo is armed with lasers, a rocket launcher, a cannon for a right arm, and a jet pack, and armored with near-invincible plating.

It breaks out of its 'Boss in a Box' container just as Sam manages to break into the hangar, and it gives chase to prevent Sam from accessing the controls of the laser cannon and temporarily blasting a hole into the Sirius planetary shield.

Conveniently, Sam spots a Infantry "Kozak aHa-C64" Attack Helicopter just waiting out in a helicopter landing pad in the middle of the valley. This is ultimately Hugo's downfall, as its armor cannot take the helicopter's rockets as well as it does to other weaponry.

When dealt enough damage, Hugo's jetpack will begin to malfunction, which will send it spinning out of control and end with it crashed on the ground.

Hugo reappears in I Hate Running Backwards, where his body is combined together from the remains of Ugh-Zan III. Ugh-Zan’s mind has been uploaded into Hugo, which enables him to assume control of the new robot body. He can also transfer his mind into the tank that is stored inside him that serves as backup in case his body gets destroyed.

Behavior and skills[edit | edit source]

Hugo can attack in five ways; shoot out lasers from the antenna, launch rockets out of the shoulder rocket launcher, fire cannons out of its right arm, punch with its right or left arm, and ram with its jet pack propelling it (only when Hugo becomes airborne thanks to said jet pack). Its punch and ram attacks instantly kill.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • When the battle starts, the player should run towards the door at the end of the hangar. Hugo will chase and attempt to shoot them down as they run. The player should take note that Hugo can and will instantly kill them if it manages to get them witihn melee range, which with its speed being roughly equal to Sam's is possible if they stop running for too long.
  • The player must keep running until they see a helicopter pad on the edge of a long strip of land, and quickly get to the Infantry "Kozak aHa-C64" Attack Helicopter|helicopter.
  • The helicopter is the player's primary weapon against Hugo, and is controlled via regular movement keys, jump button to lift, and crouch button to descend. The rockets of the helicopter deal massive damage to Hugo, similar to Cecil and the Ballista's holy bolts. They can be replenished in sixes by collecting the power-ups that spawn on the various pads in the area. However, they, too must be aimed carefully at Hugo to avoid missing the shot.
  • The machine guns, though infinite in ammo, are quite weak against Hugo, and cannot be used as a primary weapon, instead they must be used to support the rockets in wearing down Hugo's HP.
  • Should the helicopter be downed, the player should switch to their most powerful weapons, like the SBC Cannon or Klawdovic. However, this may take a long time to finish off Hugo depending on when the helicopter blew up, as its health is extremely high.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hugo is immune to damage in the beginning (indicated by a gray health bar filling up). This stays until the player makes it to the helipad in the center of the valley, when the HP bar turns green.
  • Hugo shares its theme with Freezepad Fight, however it does not play until Hugo breaks out of the hangar.
  • It seems that the main control unit within Hugo is a UFO, as one exits a crashed Hugo in the post-boss cutscene, and transmits a radio message (in Croatian), then flies away.
  • Curiously enough, Hugo seems to be a mere toy, although a highly powerful one, given the antenna, the flashing lights on it, the sounds reminiscent of real-life robot toys, and that it comes out of a box that looks like a toy's.

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