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The Hopper is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Hopper is a green frog-like creature that has two legs. There are two types of Hoppers, normal and elite. The elite Hopper is black in color and has a red outline surrounding its body. They only appear in Sea of Thoughts, alongside other enemies unique to the level. They usually spawn in water. The elite Hopper has a slim chance to appear and becomes much more common in Sea of Thoughts V2 and Sea of Thoughts V3.

Having observed many planets before completely enslaving them, Mental noticed a wide variety of empires of weaker creatures that became the dominant species merely by conquering their enemies due to sheer numbers. Piquing his interest, Mental began to wonder what these kinds of creatures could do for his army. The lowly Marsh Hopper species survived and thrived thanks to the Hoppers Mental decided to experiment with.

Behavior and skills[]

Hoppers will wander around when not engaging targets. When they do spot the player, they will quickly dive towards the player and coat them with an acidic slime covering their body, which causes moderate damage. Hoppers are relatively easy to avoid though, as their legs can only propel them in one drection.

The elite variant, unlike the normal Hopper, will explode after it is killed. Its explosion has a large blast radius.


  • Hoppers aren't very dangerous enemies, as they only have a melee attack. Several shots from the Pistol (especially with the shotgun or burst fire upgrades) are enough to kill one.
  • The player can keep Hoppers leaping towards away by whacking them with the Sledgehammer. Due to their low health, they can be killed with the latter as well, provided that the player has enough space to retreat back to if there are too many enemies around.
  • In groups, serious weapons such as Discs, the Mini Cannon, Multi-crossbow or Shotgun work well on them.


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