Hole is a multiplayer level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam VR.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Hole is a large underground area with several smaller areas which all surround a very large and tall room in the center. Each of these areas has a powerful weapon, ensuring that players will be visiting them to get supplies.

Lower center[edit | edit source]

The lower center area is the hub of the level, as it links to several areas in the level. In the center of it is a Serious Damage, while there are several ammo pickups surrounding the rim of the area. One side has an elevator that leads to the upper center area, another one has a slope that leads to the underground section, while another one leads to the large room.

Underground[edit | edit source]

A path in the lower center leads to the Underground portion of the level. The Underground area has many small pillars in it, giving the player pleanty of cover to use while avoiding enemy fire. Near the center of it is a XPML21 Rocket Launcher. To the right of the rocket launcher is an elevator that leads to the a perch overlooking the Lower Center that has a Double Barrel Coach Gun and some ammunition.

Upper center[edit | edit source]

The upper center overlooks the lower center. To the right of the elevator that leads to the upper center from the lower center, there is a Rocket Launcher and a Super Armor. From where the Super Armor is obtained, one can see a ledge with a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle on it. The player can jump to the ledge from the Super Armor to get the Sniper Rifle.

Lava room[edit | edit source]

The left of the upper center elevator leads to a medium-sized room with lava in it. The left and right sides of the room have a rim that leads to a pair of elevators on the other side. The left rim leads to an elevator that the player can jump on. When the elevator has gone as far as it can, the player can reach the next elevator by doing a running jump with the Military Knife out. The second elevator leads to an alcove overlooking the rest of the room. In the center of it is an Invulnerability powerup, with a Cannonball pickup on the left and a SBC Cannon on the right.

In Serious Sam HD, this room has been radically changed. There is no lava in it anymore, and the elevator system has been removed as well. In the lava's place are some ammo pickups and some room for fighting.

Path to large room[edit | edit source]

On the other side of the entrance to the lava room is a long path that goes on the side of the Center area that the upper center area overlooks.

Lower large room[edit | edit source]

The lower large room has a ramp that leads to a small and tight area that has a path that links to the Lower Upper Area. Next to the ramp is a tight area that has a XM-214-A Minigun and some bullet pickups near the end of it.

To the left of the ramp is a walkway that leads to both the Water and the upper large room.

Water[edit | edit source]

In the middle of the large room is a water pit. Inside it is a Large Health, and underneath the walkway is a pipe tucked away on the left that has an Invisibility power-up.

Upper large room[edit | edit source]

The walkway near the water area leads to a ramp that ends at the upper large room. Just past the ramp is a small room with a MK III Grenade Launcher and some ammo. Past the grenade launcher is a large staircase that goes along the rim of the Large room.

Upper walkway[edit | edit source]

The upper large room leads to a walkway that's at the very top of the center room. Near the end of the walkway is a rocket launcher, two rocket pickups and a Super Health.

HD differences[edit | edit source]

The Serious Sam HD version of this level has some differences besides the lava room change mentioned earlier. Several windows have been added to the level to make the level feel more open, and the Invisibility and Invulnerability power-ups have been removed.

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