The Heliopora is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Sea of Thought.


The Heliopora is a large red creature with big bulging eyes that resembles the Snorkler. The Elite Heliopora is slightly larger than the regular variant and has a red outline surrounding its body.


The Heliopora's main attack is firing four laser beams from the sides of its body. These beams can deal a large amount of damage. It will also jump in a random direction. Unlike most enemies, the Heliopora will fire regardless if it notices the player or not.

An elite variant of the Heliopora exists once the player completes a loop for the first time. The elite variant fires larger lasers that deal more damage, making them even more dangerous.


  • The Heliopora's beams can be avoided by hiding behind cover, or staying in the gap between them.
  • The Heliopora can be defeated with powerful pistol upgrades, such as the rapid fire, fire bullet or explosive bullet upgrades.
  • Serious weapons like the Bomber or Rocket are effective against the Heliopora.
  • Like other enemies, it can be instantly killed once it receives a yellow outline on its body after its health becomes low.
  • When encountered with other enemies, the Heliopora is a high-priority target. Its beams can deal a large amount of damage if the player is not careful. Be sure to target the Heliopora first to reduce the chances of losing a lot of health.


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