An example of a health pickup item.

Health is a reoccurring pickup item that appears throughout the Serious Sam series.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Health, like armor and power-ups, are items that the player can pick up. Health is vital for the player's survival. Once the player runs out of health, they will die. On Normal, Hard, Serious and Mental difficulties, the player can have a maximum of 100 health, though this can be increased by up to 200 with Extra Small Health or Super Health and up to 300 on Easy and Tourist difficulty. On difficulties higher than Hard, however, the player's health will degenerate by 1 per second if it is above 100. On Tourist, the player will regenerate 1 HP per second up to 100.

There are many ways the player can take damage and/or lose health. The most common ways of taking damage is from enemy attacks. Each enemy's attack deals a certain amount of damage depending on the type of the enemy and the difficulty the game has been set to.

The player can also take environmental damage, such as from traps, spikes, drowning, heat and fall damage. Traps and spikes will usually cause instant death to the player, while drowning and heat exposure damages the player slowly over time.

Occurrence[edit | edit source]

Health is very common throughout every Serious Sam game. Super health and extra small health pickups are rarer than ones that give 10, 25 and 50 health. Super health pickups are common in secrets, whereas extra small health pickups more often than not often lead to secret traps.

Health pickups[edit | edit source]

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