The Green Arachnoid is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered during the Arachnoid boss fight in Nightmare Caves.


The Green Arachnoid is a scorpion-like creature that resembles a much smaller version of the Arachnoid boss.


Like the Bat Arachnoid, the Green Arachnoid's only attack is to get close to the player with and damage them with a melee attack. Like other Arachnoids, they turn into an Arachnomare when killed.


  • As with other Arachnoids, the Green Arachnoid should be avoided as much as possible. They have weak health, but can become a nuisance and distract the player when they spawn in large numbers.
  • The Pistol and Sledgehammer work well against this enemy owing to its low health.
  • Other weapons like the Freezegun, Electric Shotgun and Shotgun are also great weapons.

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