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Professor Gottlieb Kiesel is a member of the Alien Artifact Acquisition and Earth Defense Force, where he works as a scientist. He appears as a major supporting character in Serious Sam 4.


Dr. Kiesel was born in Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany. During his life, he worked as a professor and earned 13 PHDs in disciplines ranging from quantum physics and exoarchaeology to molecular gastronomy. Eventually, he rose up to become one of the most notable scientists of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

In his later life, he joined the Earth Defense Force, where he contributed considerable research to the ongoing study of the space-time oscillatory noncohesion effect. During his time there, he helped develop the NETRICSA implant, and invented several devices, such as the neosynfuel-based Kieselmotor, the Tachyon Communication Array, and the Chromodynamic Sauerkraut Centrifuge.


Serious Sam 4[]

Kiesel is first head talking to Kenny and Sam when they get to a locked security gate. Kenny comments if he always calls in at random like that, to which Sam responds "I think he just gets bored".

Later on, Kiesel is next seen appearing as a hologram in the briefing with General Brand, Quinn, and the rest of the Alien Artifact Acquisition squad. There, they need to find a way to ground the Octanian Raiders to stop them for entering airspace in Rome and to safely get Father Mikhail to the Vatican. Carter suggests using HAARP to erupt Mount Vesuvius, but Kiesel rejects the idea, saying that it is a scientific research program and was not used as an "earthquake machine". Brand tells the professor that HAARP was in fact a seismic weapon, much to the dismay of the professor.

He will sometimes contact the player as they progress throughout the game about optional side quests.

Personality and skills[]

Kiesel is a very bright and intelligent man whose work is highly dedicated to knowledge. He doesn't agree with how other people see humanity, believing that the sole advantage of mankind is their capacity for knowledge and the domain of the latter belongs to humans alone. He also believes that the war against Mental has underlined the importance of humanity's quest for knowledge.


  • His work has been cited more than 5,000,000 times, according to the Gnosis Alpha Orbital University Database Archive.
  • He joined the EDF based on his belief that humanity needed more than sheer force to overcome the alien invaders.


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