The Gonk is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Mental's Forest.


The Gonk is a small creature that has two small horns on the sides of its head, an eyebrow and a cannonball like mouth. The elite variant has a red outline surrounding its body and larger horns.


Gonks are usually encountered in groups. On the first loop, they appear much more frequently. An elite variant also has a chance to spawn when the player completes a loop for the first time.

Attacks and statsEdit

When the Gonk sees the player, it starts moving in random directions, and when it has the chance to attack, it fires a single red projectile at them. The elite variant fires two projectiles instead of one.


  • The Gonk is a very weak enemy, as it has low health and thus can be easily killed with even basic weapons; even groups of them can be taken out easily. Their main threat is that their projectiles deal relatively high damage, so the player should try to avoid them by sidestepping.
  • When encountered with other enemies, Gonks are a low-priority threat, as their low health means the player can easily kill them in the crossfire between the player and other enemies, and their projectiles can be easily dodged.


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