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The Gnaaw is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Gnaaw is a baby version of the Gnaar. They, along with Toad Hoppers, are the weakest enemies in the game and can be easily defeated with a single shot from small-arms fire.

They only appear in the Egypt stage, where they are encountered in large groups.

Behavior and skills[]

The Gnaaw's only attack is to chase the player and bite them, just like regular Gnaars. They have a difficult time with remembering where their targets are, and often forget where they're going if the threat disappears. While virtually defenseless, they are least show some ferocity while their target in groups.


  • Considering how weak Gnaaws are, it takes only one shot from the Pistol to kill them.
  • Despite their low health, it is best to avoid swarms of them as they can deal a lot of damage in numbers or when surrounded by tough enemies.

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