Gnaars are a species of aliens encountered in the Serious Sam franchise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Gnaars are a race of omnivorous mammals from the planet Sirius. They were trained by Mental to be a part of his army, though they are not very intelligent or organized.

Like humans, there are both male and female Gnaars; the female Gnaar is larger and much more aggressive than its male counterpart and is recognized by its brown/grey coloring. Males, which are smaller and purple, are not as fast or powerful. Gnaars feature a single large eye centered in the middle of their torso, just above the large gaping mouth that contains several rows of sharp teeth. Their large eye is a major weakness for a Gnaar; ripping it out will render the Gnaar incapacitated.

In most games they appear in, Gnaars stand on two legs and can run at around the same speed as an adult human. In Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE, and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, the Gnaar's design has changed radically, and runs on all four legs in a similar fashion to that of a chimpanzee. While this movement may appear sluggish, it can still give them great speed.

Behavior and skills[edit | edit source]

Being omnivores, Gnaars will devour any organic content they can get to, including garbage and decomposing corpses, which causes their mouths to smell an unpleasant odor. Their mouths are useless as a weapon, as they are unable to bite effectively. Instead, they rely on their oversized hands as a form of attack. Gnaars have strong, muscular arms, which they use to deal slashes to the target. These claws are not very powerful, though, but are still strong enough to tear down brick walls. As floating Gnaars have no limbs, they can only bite the target.

Despite their low intelligence, a few individuals have been known to speak, even in English. The first instance of this is George B. Gnaar in Serious Sam 2, who works as a news presenter. The second time a Gnaar speaks is in Serious Sam 3. The Gnaar that speaks in this installment speaks in a form of inaudible language. It tells Sam that Tah-Um (Mental) is going to "moon" him before Sam cuts him off.

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