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Gathering of the Gods is the first level of Jewel of the Nile.


After activating the Karnak and Luxor generators, Sam is escorted back to base by Wilson, but after he is intercepted by HQ and given new orders, he must now activate some sort of “fail-switch” to activate the Time-Lock, as apparently, the generators only powered it. First of all, he must explore the island of Philae to find the control room, but apparently, it isn’t there, and thus he heads towards Abu Simbel via a boat.


  1. At the starting area, near the staircase, you’ll spot a bunch of crates with planks behind them. Destroy them with the axe and proceed through the cavern to discover a spider cave, but watch out for a swarm of miniature Hatchling Spiders.
  2. When you climb up the staircase from #1, you’ll see a building on your left and a building to your right with a shelter next to it. Go behind the building on the right, jump up on the crates and onto its roof. From its roof, jump on the shelter’s roof, and from there, sprint-jump to the roof of the building on the left to collect a secret Medium Health.
  3. On the left side of the island, you’ll see a floating red object near the shore. Dive into the water below it to collect a rocket launcher.
  4. Near the start, jump and climb on the wall, and then travel over it to collect a secret Super Health.
  5. Still on the right side of the island, near the opposite side from the start and behind a temple, walk along the shoreline until you find some rocks. Approach the rocks to find a volleyball with a handprint on it; which is a direct reference to Wilson from Cast Away.
  6. A bit before #5, there is a suspicious pile of rocks near one of the temples. Blast the ones close to a bush with a rocket to reveal a secret cavern with electricity and Kleer skulls.
  7. On the right side of the island, you’ll see a smaller island to your east. Swim to and walk over it to find a secret cannon, go behind it and press the Use button to trigger a humorous cutscene.
  8. At the temple on the opposite side of the starting area in the island, look up to the fourth column (the one next to a broken section of the wall). You’ll spot some rocket ammo there. Use the Mutilator or the rocket launcher to bring down the column and collect the ammo.
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