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"This is Bravo Delta Niner, I have a visual on Stone."

Garret was a pilot who worked for the Earth Defense Force. He contacted Sam after he exited the museum in order to tell him that he would pick up Sam from Cairo when he achieved his objective in the museum.


There is not much known about Garret, except it was known that he joined the EDF at some point and trained to become a helicopter pilot.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Garret's helicopter is first seen when Sam exits the Egyptian Museum, confirming with HQ that he has spotted him. He also informs Sam that he can't extract him at his current location due to the area being too hot, so he tells him to head to the landing zone near the Mosque of Ibn Tulun.

Sam clears the LZ and Garret attempts to land. However, before he can touch the ground, a Major Bio-mechanoid shoots him down with a rocket, killing him in the process. Before Sam can recover his body, a sudden meteor impact hits the helicopter and hijacks it, turning it into a Technopolyp. At this point, it can be assumed that Garret's remains were most likely destroyed when the Technopolip was destroyed or maybe it was consumed by the creature.


Sam Stone[]

Garret and Sam appeared to get along well, presuming that they met one another during their training at the EDF.


  • Out of all members of the EDF, Garret's body, Miller's, Miller's co-pilot, the two EDF corpses Sam discovers during the campaign and Wilson's were the only ones that were not mutilated.
  • Garret's body and his Apache should not be as intact as they are when Sam finds his corpse. Considering the entire cockpit of his Apache was lit on fire from the rocket explosion. Garret and his Apache should at the least be considerably burnt from the flames and at the worst, Garret being blown into pieces and his Apache's cockpit considerably damaged from the explosion.


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