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The Fuminlosaurus is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Fuminlosaurus is a half-formed version of the Angrylosaurus idea, or as it is colloquially known, a younger, juvenile specimen.

Behavior and skills[]

Similar to its fully-formed older version, the Fuminlosaurus is very aggressive. When it spots the target, it will try to swing its yet underdeveloped tail at them, but since it is still not strong enough, the sheer weight of the tail will cause the Fuminlosaurus to spin out of control.


  • Fuminlosaurus don’t really pose much of a threat on their own, but they almost always come in groups.
  • Like the Angrylosaurus, these enemies should be avoided whenever they swing at the player. An unexpected player can fall easy prey to a Fuminlosaurus.
  • Since these enemies are much weaker than the Angrylosaurus, they can be easily defeated with a few shots from the Pistol or a whack from the Sledgehammer. The sledgehammer is also useful for keeping them away from the player when they are swinging towards them.
  • Groups of Fuminlosaurus can be killed with serious weapons such as Discs, the Machinegun, Multi-crossbow or Shotgun.

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