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Fulbert le Fou was perhaps best known for inventing the FRPCL, until he met his demise at the hands of his own invention. He is a minor character appearing in Serious Sam 4.


Fulbert, based on his name, was likely born in France. Very little is known about him otherwise, though throughout his adult life he became a hermit and lived at his farm in an isolated swamp in the French countryside.


Serious Sam 4[]

Sam discovers the remains of Fulbert.

Fulbert's headless corpse is discovered by Sam when he comes across his barn. Sam takes Fulbert's invention with him to use on his mission as he heads for Carcassonne.

Personality and skills[]

Fulbert was best known for invetning the FFPCL, a strange weapon that fires rocket-propelled chainsaws. He was thought to be crazy by his relatives, and appeared to be somewhat clumsy, as shown when he had decapitated himself with his own invention. Whether he did this intentionally or by accident is not certain.


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