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The Frontal Lobe is a major location in Serious Sam: Tormental. It is the player's default spawning location after they complete the Tomb level.


The Frontal Lobe is an area inside Mental's mind, and the only true safe haven in Mentalspace, where figments and fragments meet to take shelter and plan Mental's overthrow in secret. The souls of anyone who destroy the Mentaloptican also end up here, like Sam Stone for instance.

The player can interact with any of the NPCs in the Frontal Lobe to modify the mood settings, check their statistics such as their score, weapons collected, power-ups unlocked and information about enemies. It is the only location other than completing a run where the player can access the Vault. If the player has rescued any of the other playable characters, they will able to switch to play as them after starting a new game again.


Serious Sam: Tormental[]

The Frontal Lobe serves as the player's starting point once they have completed the tutorial levels or when they start a new game. When the player completes a run and exits the Vault, the Frontal Lobe will not be available and is instead replaced by Mental Woods V2 or Mental Woods V3.


  • In real life, the frontal lobe is the largest of the four major lobes of the brain and controls important cognitive skills in humans.

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