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Floaterra is the twenty-ninth level of Serious Sam 2.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Serious Sam uses a flying surfboard to access the series of floating islands that lead to Cecil. After landing on the first island, Mental's forces begin attacking Sam, making things much harder for him. He manages to carve through the resistance Mental sends at him and reaches the opposite end of the first island, where he meets an Elvian old man piloting an Ellian Bird Ship. Sam boards the ship to reach the next island, but is attacked by several aerial enemies, such as Kozak Helicopters, flying Orc Commanders and Harpies.

After reaching the second island, Sam tears through more of Mental's forces which are stationed there and finds another bird ship. He boards it and goes to another island. Like he did with the previous islands, Sam fights through the island and reaches a medium-sized clearing. While he's fighting off Mental's forces that are attacking him, a bird ship with three Elvian men arrive and help him take them out. With all of Mental's forces gone, Sam hops aboard the bird ship and flies to Cecil's island.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. When you're in the passage on the first island, look up as soon as you've passed the last shell pickup. On the left, you'll see a platform with a Large Health on it. Blow the platform up with the XPML30 Rocket Launcher. This will make the Large Health fall to the ground and register a secret.
  2. As soon as you enter the large arena in the second island, start following the left wall. Soon, you'll find a suspicious bird head statue (like the ones the Harpies on the first island spawned from) with a rock in it's mouth. Blow up the rock with a rocket and the secret will register.
  3. From the second secret, go inside the teleporter that's been revealed, and you'll be on a floating island with two amusement park attractions on it. Go to the one directly across from where you teleported in, pick up the ball, and hit the moving target to the left of the Gnaar. If you hit it, the Gnaar will be dunked. The Ellian nearby will toss an Extra Life at you, which will cause a secret to be registered. Note that if you miss, the ball will disappear, then reappear at where it originally was a few seconds later.
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