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"Come on Sam, you know I'm more of a minigun girl."
―Hellfire flirting with Sam.[src]

Fiona Starr, better known by her call sign as Hellfire, was a member of the Earth Defense Force and General Brand's personal Alien Artifact Acquisition squad. She first appears as a minor supporting character in Serious Sam 3: BFE, but then returns in Serious Sam 4 as one of Sam's companions and a major supporting character.


Hellfire was born on the Galileo Station or orbiting Io, one of the moons of Jupiter. Prior to the Mental War, Hellfire worked as a pilot in the Oort Cloud mining sector. She was described as "a real pain in the ass" by her employers, largely because of her involvement with the Commercial Space Pilots’ Union, she was nevertheless in constant demand due to her superlative flying skills. She joined the EDF after witnessing the Epsilon Eridani Massacre while visiting her family in that system.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

A Gnaar sneaks up on Hellfire moments before it kills her.

Hellfire is first introduced as she extracts Sam from the Great Pyramid after he finds the secret chamber. She takes him to Karnak so that he can start activating the plasma generators for the Time-Lock. On the way, Sam and Hellfire start flirting, suggesting that there is a thing between them. When she drops Sam off at Karnak, she tells him to be careful before flying off back to headquarters.

Later on, after Sam succeeds in contacting HQ again, but is answered by Hellfire instead. She is relieved to hear that he is alive. Hearing signs of a struggle, Sam askes her what's happening over there. She tells him that their base has come under attack by Mental's forces, and Quinn has been killed, while Charlie Team are nowhere to be found. She goes to saying that they won't last much longer, so Hellfire advises Sam that he should stock up on supplies and hide. If anyone survives, they will find him. While she's still talking to him, a Gnaar sneaks up behind her and kills her off-screen, ceasing her communication with Sam.

Serious Sam 4[]

Hellfire in a helicopter overlooking the EDF convey.

Hellfire is seen piloting an MH-6 Little Bird as she escorts an Earth Defense Force convey on their way to meet with Father Mikhail in Rome. On their way, they are ambushed by Octanian Raiders and she is separated along with the others. She later appears to meet up with Father Mikhail, Jones, Kenny, Rodriguez, and Sam in a stolen city bus with Carter and extracts them out of Rome and back to base, where they meet up with Brand and Quinn. At the base, Hellfire is with the rest of the team as they discuss how to get into the Vatican Library without being hampered by Mental's forces. Carter suggests using the HAARP to cause Mount Vevusius to erupt and ground the Octanian Raider fleet.

Hellfire mentions the overwhelming fleet of Octanian raiders.

Once the team agrees, they have Hellfire drive the rest of her squad place 8 beacons around the ruins of Pompeii to activate the satellite. Brand activates it and they succeed in making the volcano erupt, despite the loss of Jones. Unfortunately for them, the team get stuck due to a communications malfunction. The team, save Jones, make it back to the car and Hellfire takes them back to base.

With their mission in Italy complete, Hellfire takes the Alien Artifact Acquisition squad to Carcassonne in France to find the Holy Grail, which is believed to have been taken there. On the way to France, some Octanian raiders fire at the plane, damaging the engines and forcing Hellfire and her team to jump out of the plane and parachute down into the French countryside.


In Serious Sam 3, Hellfire wore a stained white tank-top, jeans a brown boots. In Serious Sam 4, she now has a younger look, with spiked short hair, a shirt or tank top with a camo pattern on it, a leather jacket, blue jeans and brown boots.


Daniel Carter[]

Little is known about their relationship, but Hellfire would get frustrated with Carter whenever he mentioned his conspiracy theories.

Sam Stone[]

She and Sam were good friends, and they would sometimes tease or flirt with each other, as hinted by their dialogue in Serious Sam 3. According to Rodriguez, they had both had sex on a helicopter during the Battle of Beijing, to which to tried to cover up.

Personality and skills[]

Hellfire was a highly skilled pilot, being proficient in flying aicraft such as helicopters or planes. She was cleared to operate almost every single EDF vehicle, and was equally capable in close and ranged combat. Like Sam, her signature weapon was the XM214-A Minigun.

Behind the scenes[]

  • According to a Croteam employee, in the early version of Serious Sam 3, Fiona’s nickname was not "Hellfire", but "Bombshell", thus it was subsequently changed. Interceptor the creators of the Duke Nukem series, has a game of the same name with the main character called Shelley "Bombshell" Harrison, who grew from the idea of ​​the Duke Nukem spin-off game: Mass Destruction. In this context, the Russian-language translation of the nickname of Hellfire resembles that of the original idea.


  • Of all the pilots in Serious Sam 3, she was the only one that was not killed by having her helicopter shot down by Mental's Horde.
  • In the original English version of Serious Sam 3, Hellfire is voiced by actress Jennymarie Jemison, while in the official Russian localization she is voiced by Polina Scherbakova.[1]
  • She has requested to be addressed solely by her call sign to her comrades.
  • Her notable engagements include the Battle of Beijing, the Battle of the Binary Stars, and the Fall of Arcadia.
  • Her real name - Fiona Starr - is never directly mentioned in her appearances, however, it can be found in the game files.



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