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The Fiendian Reptiloid Demon is an enemy in the Serious Sam series. It is a ranged enemy that throws lava balls at its target from a distance.


The Fiendian Reptiloid Demon is a large, red demon-like creature that stands up to 20 ft tall. Despite its name, the Fiendian Reptiloid Demon is actually a different species compared to the Aludran Reptiloids. The Demon was originally a simple lizard-like organism from the planet Fiendia Prime, but was mutated by Mental over several generations to create the Demon. It is one of the few generally immobile enemies in the game, though in Serious Sam HD, Serious Sam Classics: Revolution, and Serious Sam VR it can move.

Demons are not as common as other enemies, usually only one to a few appear at a time but there are instances where several of them appear, like at the end of the Courtyards of Gilgamesh and in The Grand Cathedral. The first Demon encountered appears in Valley of the Jaguar after obtaining the first jaguar statue. A few Demons appear later in the level after getting the second jaguar statue.

Later on in the game, Demons are placed far away from the player to harass them while they are fighting off other enemies. They can usually be found in elevated places such as towers, roofs and pillars. They are much more common and numerous when playing on higher difficulties.

Behavior and skills[]

The Reptiloid Demon has the ability to form a miniature black hole through which it can summon floating balls of molten lava into existence. This projectile is extremely fast, and is much harder to avoid as it will fly past the player and attempt to circle back and hit them again. Unlike the projectiles tossed by the Common Aludran Reptiloid and much like the Highlander Aludran Reptiloid's fireballs, the fireballs thrown by the Demon cannot be destroyed in the classic version of the game except by a cannonball or a few laser beams. However, in the HD and VR versions, it can be destroyed using any weapon except for melee weapons, shotguns, or bullet-based weapons. If the ball does not hit the player at first, it will bounce around until it either hits the player, a wall at a non-low angle, or it explodes on its own after traveling around in the air, sometimes moving around in a corkscrew motion.

The Demon's secondary attack is hitting the player with its claws if they get too close. This attack is difficult to avoid and deals a lot of damage.


  • The player should not try to get close to a Demon, even if the Demon is on an elevated position. When close to the Demon, the fireball is too fast for the player to dodge. Additionally, its melee attack is incredibly powerful.
  • Generally, Demons are more dangerous in very open spaces, especially in groups, as a fireball which doesn't hit a wall comes back at the player and can do so a few times.
  • While the ball thrown by the Demon is easy to avoid at medium or long range, the Demon can be deadly if it is in a tight or indoor area. If it appears in one of those areas, it should be one of the first enemies killed.
  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is very effective against this enemy, because it it is frequently placed in faraway locations. It takes roughly four to five shots to kill it, depending on the version of the game being played.
  • Multiple faraway Demons can be dispatched with the XM214-A Minigun or XL2 Lasergun. Their high rate of fire and accuracy make them a great weapon for quickly taking out multiple Demons, although the lasergun will require the player to strafe in order to avoid wasting ammo due to the lava balls absorbing the laser beams.
  • If the player wants to conserve bullets or RAPTOR ammo, the XPML21 Rocket Launcher and MK III Grenade Launcher are effective against Demons. Because it never moves, it is easy to land multiple rockets or grenades on it in a very short amount of time. However, If used at medium or long range, at least one rocket or grenade will be destroyed by the lava ball thrown by the Demon when not sidestepping.
  • While Demons can move, most of them aren't designed to move in the original game, but in the HD and VR remakes they will move if the situation is needed; for example, if the Demon is on the same level as the player and if the player tries to hide behind something that the lava ball won't hit, the Demon will adjust its position to attack.
  • The CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower in Serious Sam Classics: Revolution is an effective weapon to use against Demons; two alternate fire shots will kill one as long as most or all of the projectiles hit.
  • The SBC Cannon also works very well against groups of Demons; just one charged shot will kill one.
  • Compared to other enemies, Demons are medium-high priority targets and should be eliminated as soon as possible due to the damage and speed of their fireballs.


  • Even though their fireballs can be destroyed in the HD and VR versions, the Demon's NETRICSA information still says that it's impossible to destroy them.
  • The Demon can be found in Serious Sam 3: BFE's game files.
  • Despite having wings, the Demon never uses them to fly.
  • The Demon can be made to flinch if it is damaged before it spots the player. Otherwise, it is normally unable to be stunned upon taking damage.


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