The Explosion Eater is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.


The Explosion Eater is a flying pig-like creature. It has hair on its head, and has a fire on its tail. It has a ‘trunk’ which enables it to suck explosive projectiles and fill its belly.

Attacks and statsEdit

Unlike other enemies, who just fire projectiles at the player, the Explosion Eater attacks differently. If the player fires explosives at it, it will eat them. If it eats a lot of them, it will turn them into fireballs and fire them at the player. These fireballs are relatively easy to dodge, but can do a good amount of if all of them hit the player. When killed, the Explosion Eater will explode after a few seconds.


  • Rapid-fire weapons, such as the XL4 Lasergun, and Thompson submachine gun , work best against the Explosion Eater. The large amount of projectiles they fire can quickly kill kill it, especially if they are upgraded with powerful upgrades.
  • Multiple Explosion Eaters can be dealt with the same weapons used to kill a single one. Rapid-fire weapons work great against groups of them.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Explosion Eater is a medium threat. While it fires several fireballs, they can be avoided easily, but can make it to dodge other enemy projectiles. In more tight spaces, they should be high- priority targets as the tight rooms can make it difficult to dodge its projectiles. Killing it will give the player much more space to dodge around.
  • If the player doesn't use any explosive weapons, Explosion Eaters will become completely harmless.

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