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The Earth Defense Force, abbreviated as EDF, is a military organization that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE, and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. They appear to be the main military force that fought Mental's advance towards Earth.



The Earth Defense Force was a relatively small military force. They were tasked of defending Earth from alien attacks, such as Mental's Horde. It was unknown how large their army was, as during the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE, there were only a small group of scientists, soldiers and pilots who were stationed at the EDF's headquarters. It is also not known how many headquarters there were, as there is only one in the game, which was located somewhere in Egypt. In Jewel of the Nile, though, there is an abandoned military base located in Abu Simbel, which appeared to have EDF soldiers posted around there, but they were wiped out by Mental's forces at an unknown point.

Vehicles and technologyEdit

Based on NETRICSA descriptions of humans who fought Mental's forces, the EDF had several military spaceships and enough equipment that protected holdings on other planets. The EDF also seemed to have the ability to manufacture their own ammo, as the Ammo Crates mention an organization called the “EDF Corporation”.

It was estimated that more than 81% of EDF supplies produced so far were scattered around the battlefields, which were left behind from soldiers who were KIA.

The invasion of EarthEdit

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Dead EDF soldier

A dead EDF soldier in a building in Cairo.

When Mental invaded Earth, the EDF rallied to defend their planet. Despite Mental's superior technology and magic, his army took many casualties, as the NETRISCA description for the Hatchling Arachnoid implies that Mental had to deploy younger and younger specimens to meet demands, with increasingly inferior equipment to replenish his losses. However, Mental's numbers ultimately proved to be too much for the EDF to handle, and by the time Serious Sam 3 began, most of the EDF had suffered heavy casulaties, and they only appeared to have one headquarters remaining.

The fact that Cairo was completely abandoned suggested that the EDF was no longer capable of fighting Mental directly, and thus had to use more covert operations against him, such as deploying small squads of soldiers into Cairo to retrieve data for a new plan.

Instead of fighting Mental directly, the Earth Defense Force created a plan to kill Mental in the past by using an ancient artifact of unknown origin called the Time-Lock, thus changing the future. This would let the EDF insert a group of soldiers know as Charlie Team into the past, and they would travel to Sirius and assassinate Mental while he was dealing with other matters.

However, the Earth Defense Force's headquarters, along with everybody (or most personnel) in it, were wiped out during the final days of the war, including Charlie Team, via a sneak attack on their headquarters by Mental. The destruction of their last headquarters and the Charlie Team signaled the end of the EDF. Despite Mental's best efforts to finish off humanity though, Sam Stone was able to successfully escape from the Earth's inevitable destruction via the Time-Lock, which made him the last man on Earth and humanity's last hope.

Weapons and equipmentEdit

The EDF utilized many weapons, some of which were technologically advanced, such as the XL2 Lasergun, the XPML21 Rocket Launcher, heavy laser gun, laser swords, and bow.


The EDF has many weapons available, all of which Sam finds throughout the campaign. He and Jones are the only members of the EDF to be seen using the weapons, though a dead soldier was found alongside a pistol in the level Summer in Cairo.

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Fixed weapons/artilleryEdit




The EDF use several standard ground and air transport, as well as spacecraft.


The EDF have quite advanced technology, though not much of it is seen in Serious Sam 3: BFE. Most of the EDF's technology is shown in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. Most members of the EDF use an earpiece to communicate with one another.

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