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The Earth Defense Force, abbreviated as EDF, was a military organization and the main military force that fought against Mental's armies throughout the Mental War.

They had a unit of well-known elite soldiers, called the Alien Artifact Acquisition, who specialized in collecting artifacts of alien origin to assist the EDF during the war.


The Earth Defense Force was a planetary-scale military force. They were tasked of defending Earth and extraterrestrial colonies from alien attacks, such as Mental's Horde. The Earth Defense Force army was likely massive, and included almost all of the forces on Earth.

Role in the Mental War[]

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A dead EDF soldier in a building in Cairo.

When Mental found out about humanity, he began sending wave after wave of his forces against the humans, from Alpha Centauri all the way back to Earth, which served as the last stronghold for the EDF. Despite Mental's superior technology and magic, his army took many casualties, as the NETRISCA description for the Hatchling Arachnoid implies that Mental had to deploy younger and younger specimens to meet demands, with increasingly inferior equipment to replenish his losses. However, Mental's numbers ultimately proved to be too much for the EDF to handle, as by the time Serious Sam 3 began, most of the EDF had suffered heavy losses, and they only appeared to have one headquarters remaining.

The fact that Cairo was completely abandoned suggested that the EDF was no longer capable of fighting Mental directly, and had to use more covert operations against him, such as deploying small squads of soldiers to locations to retrieve data for a new plan.

Stopping Mental[]

Instead of fighting Mental directly, the Earth Defense Force created a plan to kill Mental in the past by using an ancient artifact of unknown origin called the Time-Lock, thus changing the future. This would let the EDF insert a group of soldiers know as Charlie Team into the past, and they would travel to Sirius and assassinate Mental while he was dealing with other matters.

However, the Earth Defense Force's headquarters, along with everybody (or most personnel, very likely every single person given how relentless and thorough Mental's army was) in it, were wiped out during the final days of the war, including Charlie Team, by a sneak attack on their headquarters by Mental. The destruction of their last headquarters and the Charlie Team signaled the end of the EDF. Not merely dissolving the EDF, but outright making it cease to exist completely. Despite Mental's best efforts to finish off humanity though, Sam Stone was able to successfully escape from the Earth's inevitable destruction via the Time-Lock, which made him the last man on Earth and humanity's last hope.


Being a large military force, the Earth Defence Force had bases or forward operating bases all around the world. It's known that one was located in Egypt. They also had a strong presence in France, Italy and Russia. They aided people in evacuating and establishing supply routes towards areas where they were needed in heavily strck areas.

Most of the EDF bases were abandoned following the war, with many military supplies and weaponry still left in the bases, suggesting that Mental took a more strategic approach and wiped out the bases with his forces to cripple the human armies.



The EDF had advanced technology. They exploited some of the technology salvaged from Mental's forces, such as the techno-magical ammunition replenisher. Most members of the EDF used an earpiece to communicate with one another. The EDF also seemed to have the ability to manufacture their own ammo, as the Ammo Crates mention an organization called the “EDF Corporation”.

Weapons and equipment[]

The EDF utilized all kinds of weapons, some of which were technologically advanced, though they were still in experimental phase and had only recently bee used out on the field. They also had the technology to reverse-engineer weapons used by Mental's forces, such as the pulse laser weapons used by Minor Bio-mechanoids or weapons in Mental's artillery.


The EDF used many forms of standard ground and air transport, as well as several military spacecraft and enough equipment that protected holdings on other planets. As seen from EDF posters, they also used jet-powered attack aircraft. Most of the vehicles they had access to on Earth were originally used by the United States Army or Marine Corps.


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