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"Did I want to be a soldier? Fuck no. I coulda been a wrestler. Or a porn star. Or both."

Dwayne Juan Maria Rodriguez, better known as simply Rodriguez, was an officer of the Earth Defense Force and a hand-picked member of the Alien Artifact Acquisition. He appears as a minor character in Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE, and one of Sam's companions and a major supporting character in Serious Sam 4.


Rodriguez was born in the Laredo Unified Metropolitan Area in Laredo, a city in Texas near the Mexican border. In his later life, he became a truck driver and a wrestler. He then came to the attention of the Earth Defense Force after displaying outstanding bravery in the Siege of Mexico City.

While serving in the EDF, his previous assignments included the Callisto CR-0 Extraction Team and the Gernsback Expedition. Notable engagments he has partcipated in included the Siege of Mexico City, the Battle of Beijing, and the Cuyahoga County Clusterfuck, the latter of which he was the sole survivor of.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Rodriguez on the Black Hawk with Team Alpha.

After he and Alpha Team are close to being devoured by a Sandwhale, Rodriguez becomes upset that his team is being sent to protect a museum while Mental was destroying the Earth. On the way to the museum, the helicopter gets shot down, but he manages to survive the crash. Soon after the crash, Rodriquez contacts Sam while under enemy fire, and berates him for not wearing his seatbelt; something he had apparently told Sam many times.

Sam receives another call from Rodriguez, but it's actually Jones, though this is cut short a Beheaded Kamikaze scream, and an explosion soon follows. Like Jones and the rest of Alpha Team, his mutilated body was seen at the helicopter crash site, outside of the museum, presuming he was blown up by Kamikazes.

Serious Sam 4[]

Rodriguez is first seen in a truck in an EDF convey on their way to the Vatican Library in Rome, where they are attempting to rendezvous with Father Mikhail. On their way there, they come under attack by several Octanian Raiders, separating the convey and destroying a few trucks. Rodriguez survives along with Jones and Hellfire, where they head to the extraction point at the Piazza della Repubblica in Florence. There, there meet up with Kenny, Mikhail and Sam. Whilst awaiting extraction from Hellfire, Rodriguez and the rest of the team fend off waves of Mental's forces until a Saggitarian Sidewinder suddenly appears out of the ground.

To deal with the threat, Jones suggests lending Hellfire's minigun, to which Rodriguez objects. He then assists Sam in taking down the Metal Snake. Once its been killed, Hellfire arrives in a city bus with Carter inside. Rodriguez tags along with his crew and they head back to base. In the briefing room, they meet up with General Brand and Quinn, who tells them that they need to find a safer approach to escorting Father Mikhail to the Vatican Library. Carter suggests using the HAARP to disrupt the Octanian Raider fleet and force them to ground. Brand agrees and sends Rodriguez and the team to Pompeii, where they need to set up the beacons. They all manage to set up the beacons, with the exception of Jones, who the team show concern for after he seems "quieter than usual".

Sam investigates, and discovers that a Khnum has eaten Jones. Sam kills the beast and sets up the beacon. Mount Vevusius erupts as soon as the seismic weapon is fired, prompting Rodriguez and the team to get out of Pompeii as quick as they can. They all make it into the car in the end, but Rodriguez notices that Jones is missing, to which Sam replies that he didn't make it. Rodriguez is upset by the tragic news, as Jones was his best friend. Later on, Rodriguez is ordered by Brand to go with Sam to Rome to find Carter and Father Mikhail, as Quinn has been unable to contact them. They fight through the streets and, upon coming some ruins, decide to split up to look for them.

In the Colosseum, after Sam defeats the Swamp Hive, he is about to make a one-liner when Rodriguez suddenly appears from the catacombs. Sam is annoyed that Rodriguez appeared at the wrong time. He tells Sam that's found a way into the catacombs. They both enter and are able to find Carter and Father Mikhail.


Rodriguez was a Caucasian man of Hispanic descent with a stocky build. He wore the standard EDF military uniform, a flak jacket, a beret, and black combat boots. He used the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle as his signature weapon in combat situations.


Sam Stone[]

Sam and Rodriguez had a somewhat friendly but bouncy relationship. In Serious Sam 3, Rodriguez would make witty remarks with Sam when he told his squad the mission objective. He also had a go at Sam after he fell out of the helicopter because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt.

In Serious Sam 4, Sam is one of Rodriguez's friends, and treats him with equal respect as the rest of his comrades.

Thomas Jones[]

Jones was Rodriguez's best friend, and both deeply cared for each other's well-being. When Rodriguez heard about Jones' death, he was sentimental about what had happened.


Rodriguez treated Hellfire just like he did with Jones and Sam. When he and the team went to Pompeii to place the satellite beacons, he teased Hellfire occasionally, asking her if she really "did it" with Sam whilst flying in a helicopter in the Battle of Beijing.


Rodriguez would tease Kenny a lot more compared to the others. He would constantly mock him when he attempted to make a one-liner about losing his shoe after killing a Gnaar.

Personality and skills[]

Rodriguez had an upbeat, mixed personality, and could become unpredictable when off-duty, but he was a highly reliable asset in combat. He was very knowledgable of psychotropic substances. He was a big fan of one-liners, often making references and remarks to Mental's army when fighting them.

He could also be inpatient and somewhat demanding, as shown in Serious Sam 3, when he didn't like the fact that he had to be on a helicopter protecting a museum while Mental was slowly wiping out all life on Earth. He was also annoyed that it was his birthday and he would rather be snorting coke off a stripper's butt than protecting some old building.


  • Compared to other soldiers in the EDF, Rodriguez had received more demotions and promotions than any officer excepting Sam, but has never been discharged.
  • Accoring to NETRICSA, he received reprimand for inappropriate use of military resources.
  • Rodriguez's ghost appears as a secret in Into the Spider's Nest, in a "spooky hallway", where the player can also find an XL2 Lasergun.
  • Like other characters who appear in Serious Sam 3, he can be selected as a player model in co-op or multiplayer.


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