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"Help me... Double Diva!"
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Double Diva is the final boss of Serious Sam: Double D and Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Double Diva is a large woman with several deformities; one of her hands has been replaced with a scythe, and there are several growths on her body.

She has two “forms”, so to speak. When first encountered, she will have a large towel over her eyes. After being hit a few times, the towel will tear apart, revealing Double Diva's true face; a human woman's head with frazzled hair, lipstick and large eyes. It is at this point she will start utilizing more attacks.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Double Diva has several attacks, depending on how much damage she has taken and where the player is. Her lower legs have several plasma cannons on them, which will fire a large burst of plasma per cannon every few seconds as long as the player is near her legs. When the player gets to the upper part of Double Diva, she will just swing her scythe arm and extend her talon arm and summon Femikazes with it. After the towel is destroyed, she will begin firing green, circular beams from her eyes, depending on where the player is. After taking more damage, she will start firing homing rockets from the huge backpack on her. These rockets can be dodged by hiding behind cover or by destroying them, but do a large amount of damage if they manage to hit the player.

Enemies will spawn in during the battle. Chimputees will start spawning in after her eye towel has been destroyed, and she will spawn Femikazes on her own, even before the towel has been destroyed. After she takes more damage, Major Bio-mechanoids and Minor Bio-mechanoids will start spawning on the lowest part of the level.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The upper part of the arena on the right side is a great place to attack Double Diva. Being positioned on the upper most wooden plank in that area gives the player a perfect place to hit Double Diva, but most importantly, will bug out her AI so that all she'll do is endlessly summon Femikazes. As long as the player is constantly holding down the fire key, they'll be able to destroy the Femikazes with ease.
  • The left upper side also works, along with the upper-plank trick mentioned in the previous tip. The problem is that the Serious Pack is further away on the left side and trying to grab the Serious Pack puts the player near Double Diva's leg cannons and enemies such as the Major Bio-mechanoid and Minor Bio-mechanoid that spawn on the ground after she's taken a certain amount of damage.
  • Shooting Double Diva's arms will make her take much less damage that shooting her upper body and head would. However, it's not worthless, as it lets the player do some extra damage while she's summoning Femikazes.
  • The projectiles fired by her leg plasma cannons can be avoided by jumping in the gaps between them and running in one direction. Running will make the cannons fire in different directions and give the player more room to dodge the plasma balls because of the larger spread from having to hit a moving target.
  • Her green circle lasers can be dodged by jumping over them if they have enough room. If they don't, going on a lower level of the arena will let the player dodge the beams.
  • Double Diva's homing rockets can be destroyed by shooting them. This is the best way to “dodge” them because of their homing nature and the limited amount of room the player will have to actually jump over it if they're on the upper part of the level.
  • Her scythe arm can be dodged by either running past the actual scythe if the player is close to Double Diva. If the player is unable to dodge her scythe arm in time, jumping as soon as the arm starts swinging will reduce the amount of damage it does.
  • The player should make the most powerful gunstack they can before fighting off the final boss. Multiple powerful weapons, such as the LM32 Rocket Launcher and the XL4 Lasergun, in one stack, along with something like a Thompson submachine gun or two to round out the gunstack, work best against Double Diva. There are two serious packs which are filled with ammo, making ammo a non-issue in the battle.
  • The enemies that spawn during the battle shouldn't be an issue. The Chimputees that occasionally appear can easily be killed in the crossfire between the player and Double Diva, the Femikazes she spawns can be killed by holding down the fire key when she has her arm out, and the Bio-mechanoids aren't a problem as long as the player doesn't need to go there.
  • If the player needs to grab a serious pack that's on the bottom of the level while there are Bio-mechanoids on it, they should open fire towards the bottom of the level while going towards this. This will kill some of the weaker enemies and inflict enough damage on the Major Bio-mechanoid or two that a few attacks can finish them up when they're on the bottom and running towards the serious pack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name is a direct reference to Double Divas, an American reality television series.

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