Dino is a rideable mount that appears in Serious Sam 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Dino is a medium-sized green alien creature resembling a dromaeosaurid dinosaur. It lives on the planet M'Digbo and can be ridden. It's capable of shooting fireballs from its mouth and is fairly fast, but has very low health.

Dino only appears on the first level.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Dino is useful for clearing out weak enemies in the first level. Its fireballs can kill weak enemies in one shot, and stronger enemies (at least the ones in the first level) can be easily defeated by holding down the fire key and aiming at the target. Dino's rate of fire is fast enough that it can kill a stronger enemy after two or so seconds of holding down the fire key.
  • Dino's low health requires that the player has to constantly dodge enemy attacks. A few hits from even weak enemies can kill Dino. Thankfully, Dino is fast enough that it can dodge every attack shot at the player as long as the player is strafing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dino is the only "vehicle" in Serious Sam 2 (and the series overall) that is a living creature instead of a machine.
  • The player can get a second bigger Dino by using a secret teleporter. It has 500 health, higher attack damage and can kill enemies by running over them. However, its movement and attack speed are lower than the smaller regular Dino. Also due to being bigger, it's easier to get hit by enemy fire.
    • There is a possibility that the secret Dino is a mutation or time paradox created by the teleporter.
  • Dino's appearance is based on outdated depictions of dromaeosarid dinosaurs in popular culture, like in the Jurassic Park franchise. We now know that in real life they had feathers and obviously didn't breathe fire. Though to be fair, Dino is actually an alien.
  • Dino is probably a reference to Mario's friend Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. franchise.
    • His name could also be a reference to Dino from The Flintstones. This is supported by the fact that during one cutscene in Ursul Gardens there is another reference to the aforementioned franchise.

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